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  2. I had bought this 1/24 scale MF TE20 a long time ago. It's been stashed away waiting for the right moment to decide on what I was going to do with it. Now I have. Will be adding a few more details here and there, which will not distract from the overall look.
  3. Thank you John, had to do some googling there to understand though 😁 Looks very like another build I have in mind now the track theory has worked, a 1970's Pisten Bully Snow Groomer, again a fascination created by holidays up to Glenshee Ski Centre.
  4. Yes I considered buying the Matchbox one for dimensions. There are two on a farm along the A93 up to Glenshee Ski Centre that always caught my eye when we were there on holiday. Should fit in nicely with the snow gear I currently have, and with a forestry dio idea I'd like to eventually make.
  5. Very nice James, I like that, can’t help thinking of The Shining though!
  6. The whole supply chain worldwide is "cattle trucked"!! Much of the worlds industry ran on "just in time" schedules and now much of it is horribly out of synch. In my profession as a Carpenter the price of materials has more than doubled in many cases, and availability has plummeted. To quote the song, "There may be trouble ahead".
  7. blimey . not seen one of them for a long time, matchbox used to do them, and british telecom had them way back up Scotland as well .think they used to have one for dartmoor as well before i started ,but we don’t get so severe snow on dartmoor so landys we used ,we used to maintain the masts ect in winter for call out ect
  8. All in primer ready for the top coat And the top coat on, just waiting for things to cure before building up the idlers and fixing everything in place. There was no brochure style blueprints available for this build so I've worked off what little info was available, overall length, height and width along with the tyre sizes of the idler wheels. This is then built up into a pencil drawing. Next to a Land Rover Defender for scale Just got the glazing, lights, some interior touches and a top track idler to put in. Thanks for looking
  9. The tracks were going to be a sticking point but I had an idea I wanted to experiment with. Using 1mm thick rubber sheet 5mm strips were cut out. This gave the rubber loops but I didn't want to have to cut and then paint all the grousers. I therefore got some more kellogs cereal card and applied a layer of aluminium tape to either side. Now when cut into strips for grousers the metal colour was already there. The cereal card and tape squish slightly when cut with a knife hiding the card edge slightly. A basic jig is then drawn to space the grousers out and they're glued on with gorilla super glue. When complete the strips are simply gorilla glued at each end to form a band. This bond is surprisingly strong and easily with stands the force of pulling it over the idlers. The racking on the side of the track arches is then added using 1mm florist wire, holes are drilled and the wire pushed into the spaces.
  10. This has been bubbling away since Easter as something I could do in an evening between uni work. While not particularly Agricultural based I've only seen these in the flesh on farms in the Scottish Highlands, they where also employed by the forestry commission across Scotland and by some Scottish police forces. Work started with a laser cut chassis, this has holes for three axles, two large carrier wheels and a forwards raised drive sprocket. The drive gear is also laser cut, the joy here is perfect circle's everytime with zero hastle. The lower body work is then built up in mount board cut by hand, you could laser this but to measure and draw up all the parts would take longer than by hand. The upper body work is then fabricated from plasticard. The bonnet is kellogs cereal card to get the organic curve. The roof is a lower base of 1mm plasticard with two layers of shaped mount board on top.
  11. also finally,nearly finished the baler combo, sledge just needs rear wheels put back on once dry, and decals, balers got the bracket fitted now on the rear for the sledge,so only needs to pto shaft sorting now.
  12. also got the marston re assembled after paint a few weekends ago, needs pipes decals and the roll over finishing .
  13. went out to have a tidy up after cutting the grass ect after a busy weekend and got a bit distracted, sorted the bracket now on the 5430, need to make some support legs for it,then its hopefully into mf red for a 900 series loader. am still in two minds on the wheels,well tyres, the hubs suit it a lot better, but the tyres may be a bit to large, especially at the rear, so may yet try something else on them before committing ,cant get the mudguards on the front at the mo without them fouling the loader bracket .
  14. thanks james, made a small error and left the cab on the workbench ,which in turn has bleached the decals in the sunlight, even with the blinds closed, so need to do some new ones now, they are more pink now than red 😄
  15. Everything is simply awesome, John!
  16. Bit of decal work done now , not made my own for a while now but came out nicely after some printer cleaning
  17. Earlier
  18. It certainly is , doubt much will come out, from anyone before xmas maybe later going by this . Lot more going on in china than we know . https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-57446437
  19. You can get most off them from other brands. Some maybe discontinued. But they have been available. In terms off Ford's. Its the 3cyl Ford 4000 and 4600 is what's needed to fill the gaps. And the bigger 6 pot 8210...
  20. It’s more of a shipping container issue, as a function of COVID standard shipping routes have been completely disrupted and changed. Plus places like China are requiring quarantine of Cargos and ship personnel, so a lot of capacity was sucked out the system. Things were beginning to get better before the suez issue hit. Increased bunker rates have an impact as well.
  21. Wpuld be nice to see some old Implements from to 70s or 80s ,a Ford Force 5000 , Ford 6610 or 7610 ,Ford 4550 , 550 Back Hoe Digger , M F 135 , M F 595 ,Fiat 880 DT
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