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  2. Thanks. I've been looking on Ebay for the Vaderstad Rapid and Carrier. I did see a Horsch cultivator a few weeks back, but at the time did not realise that it was something I had seen on the back of the T8. I had been so used to seeing it with a Sumo Trio 4.5 behind it and it was only after I saw my photo again, that I realised they had a Horsch too.
  3. Farmall Model A I asked earlier if any of the Model A’s were send to Britain during WWII? I thought would be some IH historians out there but no so I had to do my own research. I found that only Ford and David Brown built tractors in Britain during WWII and America’s ‘big 9’ shipped theirs from the USA including the Farmall A. Anyway Model A completed, painted and decals added. A very unusual tractor with its wheel spacing giving what Farmall called ‘Cultivision’
  4. Ferguson TE 20 tractor Built from a kit by NI model builder the late Lesley Stevenson
  5. Massey Ferguson MF21 3.5 Ton Tipping Silage Sides & 3.5 Ton Hydraulic Tipping Trailer
  6. Weeks 3.5 Ton Hi-Side Tipping Trailer With the correct toe-bar
  7. It's a nice combine, but agree it's a shame the grain tank doesn't open. One of the firms did make a 'lid' you could sit on the top of it but I don't think it's available anymore. The Britain's Vaderstad Rapid occasionally comes up on ebay, the UH implements are harder to find but may come up eventually. It's a shame they haven't reissued them though, they are very popular.
  8. Did not realise how out of date this thread is, catch -up time. Scaledown AT16 Ferguson Transport Box
  9. Last week
  10. I'm new to farm models really. A couple of months ago, I just got an urge and condensed my Model Aircraft collection, freeing up a shelf in my cabinet. I had been looking at photos I had taken over the past few years and came across the one below and wondered if anyone did a model combine like that in my photo and similarly the tractor. The Fendt Vario was the easy one to find. The New Holland combine not so easy, It's not a like for like to my photo, though it is close enough. I found mine on Ebay, brand new in the box. I think like many, I am a little disappointed the bin doesn't open up, but I'm impressed with the quality of the model. I've most recently acquired a MarGe New Holland T8 and am on the look out for a Vaderstad Rapid 600 or Vaderstad Carrier or Horsch Cultivator to recreate another scene. I know they've been done in 1/32, but they're not recent models
  11. 4th one arrived,am guessing its maybe little farmer ? orange body silver plastics tipper
  12. Yes that a conversion a 398 done to a 390T very smart job done on it
  13. That's a conversion again Cyril. UH done no 390Ts. Only 398 in 4wd.
  14. What is the idea behind this, for use behind a lower powered tractor? Will be interesting to see the brochure.
  15. You're very welcome John, i'll have a look for it later on today.
  16. No John I've tried to cast a new different rear wheel to go on my IH 275 using the rear centre wheel off a atlas editions Ted 20 and using the front tires off a if Britain's 956 4wd would go well but look at all the flash the mould leaves behind ...might dremmel it off I dunno ha The 165 I would lengthen the height of a Britain's 135 rear fenders to fit the 165/595 chassis the bad part is how to make a good bonnet and nose cone for a 165 the one in the above pick is the best I've seen home made hate a 1080 uh or martyrs farm models 165
  17. Thanks David, that would be spot on if you come across it!
  18. Ours is just coming up 9500 hours, but like you say, that’s nothing compared to some. To be fair, it’s had very little spent on it in the 12 or so years we’ve had it. We did the brakes a few years ago as a precaution, and this spring we replaced all the rubber hoses underneath as we’d had one perish and dump the back end oil out, but apart from that just routine servicing really. You’re right, there’s a fair few 10 series SE’s up our way, but not 00’s. It came from Scotland via a dealer near Penrith, and hand written underneath the pull out radio it says 6400 SE demo, if I ever get around to it I’d like to trace its history actually.
  19. You're very welcome John, thanks ever so much, anytime, pleased I could help. I do have a photo copy of an original sales brochure on these somewhere which I will endeavour to dig out and scan up to hear for you as well.
  20. Thanks David, they’re brilliant...I’m going to have to get it finished now!
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