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  1. fantastic model you have made there,very impressive 🙂
  2. looks good what your doing to it Phil 😉another model to go on my wanted list now I've seen this topic
  3. smoke grey is the colour for the roof on modern mfs but uh's massey roof colour on modern mf's is always miles off,certainly not silver though
  4. thanks Sean,gone with the single step and the mf 1200 tyres have fitted nicely as you mentioned, so ready for the two tone paint job now
  5. would anyone be able to confirm (probably Sean) that english built 500's had one step each side,french built models had two, pictures on google would suggest this.
  6. looks nice does that one Phil,the last bluepower t7 I saw was at burden bros nh dealership,it was shod with wide tyres and rims identical to the uh case 240 with the rear bar axles too.
  7. looking good on the layout that new 8s massey Paul,looks to be one of there best models to date with the wide tyres and better rear linkage
  8. Thanks Sam got to agree with you all the floorpan needs a small packer underneath.I cut down the bonnet by cutting the front grill off which was a slow process so if I do another I cut the back off and the side panels and redrill the exhaust air cleaner holes as I think it would be quicker.
  9. Thanks Paul and Sean,if you could sometime take a photo of your one Sean that would be very helpful.As it sits rear track width is about 2.5mm wider each side than the front tyres which is a marge ford axle so its not too bad and have masking taped on the weight hanger has made look better also so its nearly ready for paint. I've got another one ready for cutting up so want to do one as 575 and one as 590 so need to get the rear tyre combo right and have a pair of uh 1200's wheels and tyres ready
  10. Thanks Nigel,just pondering over the rear wheels as I have some from a uh mf 575 so may go with those but the rear track width does seem a bit wide with both wheel choices
  11. Been going at this for a while,would any members give there opinion on my 590 I have cut down to 2wd something doesn't look right to me but I'm sure ive done all the cutting required,cut off the 4wd prop shaft underneath also along with bonnet and front of chassis to remount the new axleMaybe its the ford blue axle making it look odd,any help please.
  12. the 3075 on the smaller wheels is a cracker of a model,nicely done Hugh
  13. looking really good this one,can see a lot of work has been put in to it.
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