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  1. The Britains Commemorative Coin is available on Amazon and Amazon only as far as I can tell. Only 1000 made. I have one and its a nice piece to be fair though not to everyone's taste.
  2. I think ( could be very wrong ) the other JCB Loadall will be in the colours of the Aston Martin F1 Team as JCB have sponsored them this year. Will be a very Ltd Edition.
  3. They should be out now for silage season along with the new Claas mowers and forager.
  4. Couldn't agree more, all I see around me is Richard Western or getting more and more common in Boughton ( who I know are Irish ). The West factory is only 10 miles from my house and you never see any of there trailers around bar the older ones. There is more to agriculture than grass and cows.
  5. You have to ask yourself where is it all going to end, I totally agree it's the sign of the times but if nobody can afford to buy what is aimed at children rather than the adult collector then Britains will start having to ask themselves why bother which would be a shame. I myself have now become far far more selective in what I buy now.
  6. I have been looking online and the retailers are starting to advertise the new Britains releases for the first half of this year. Huge price increases, the John Deere's around £27 - £30 and the Casi IH Arctic thing at £45. Toy money they are not. The JCB dumper not bad at around £21. The New Holland and Dump trailer is near £50, doesn't seam good value to me. Be very interested in the sales figures this year.
  7. They could do the NC dump trailer in all the colours too, perhaps there are Fleming products on the horizon seeing how the twin bale carrier has been rereleased as a Fleming item.
  8. I find it odd how Britains don't offer a muckspreader, the NC rear discharge one was a super model and the dump trailer. Surly they could come back even in a different colour.
  9. I think that its the problem with Britains, the people who run or have the design inputs into what's made are not from a agri background. You only have to look in the advertising, they have the smallest implement on the biggest tractor and the round bales on the 2 bale carrier the wrong way up, little things like that. Happy to be proved otherwise mind as I have never met any of Brtains representatives. As I said in a previous post/thread I'm not sure they know which direction they are going in which is a shame. Toys for kids or Models for Big Kids
  10. I can't help but think Britains reply would be "What's Arable"!!!
  11. Still a little disappointed with the Heritage range, was really hoping for a Marshall, Leyland, International, more older Deere's or Case plus implements. I know its all about licencing and sales numbers but I would love Britains to go back and make these models. Noticed they haven't carried on with the Muddy models too. Claas mowers are a welcome addition and sure to be popular, providing they are released soon rather than November!!
  12. I would have thought the Landy's would be a given too. All the sets they could do with them too.
  13. At last something new (ish). Not the most popular and why something so big, Now they appear to have the Fleming franchise ( blue bale lifter with Fleming stickers ) it would have been nice to see one of there silage trailers made, more suitable for most farmers. Would be interested in seeing the final product though. Any news on anything else new.
  14. If you could add a Britains/Siku hitch it would be sorted. Not much detail to add to be honest.
  15. For the money you really cant go wrong. The build quality is on par with Britains if a little better, the paint quality certainly is. Whilst it has a rear 3 point linkage it doesn't move and just has a hook to tow a trailer with. It steers too. All for £15 or less.
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