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  1. that must be a popular conversion. I have the same 7740 with UH 10 series wheels (and a T6020 FEL) here too. Too bad ROS didn't make more versions of the 40 series.
  2. Nice 6610 conversion. Is the complete Ros 40 series front axle under it or just the front wheels?
  3. I am from Friesland too, but these hi clearance tractors sure aren´t common in our province. Nice to hear that you are visiting our province as often as possible.👍 In what village is your family living?
  4. County were well known for their equal wheeled Ford tractors. Less common were the high clearance tractors. County high clearance axles are still available for the New Holland T6/T6000/TSA tractors. The tractors are lifted 35 cm to give a ground clearance of about 90 cm. In this part of the Netherlands they´re not very common but one was shown at the national farm machinery show about 5 years ago. A dealer about 25 miles from here converts the New Holland tractors for tree growers. Also the New Holland dealer across the German border does quite some, especially for asparagus and other vegetables growers. The model tractor is based on a Britains T6.175 chassis with a UH T6020 cab. Front rims and steps are from a Valtra C120, front tires are from an Ertl T8.435 SmartTrax, rear wheels and tires from an Ertl T7050.
  5. excellent work. Even with the different rear axles!
  6. Britains should have made a 5610 or 6610 instead of the 6600. Only small changes necessary to milk the moulds, and a new model for us.
  7. Looks good. you would expect UH to also make this, they already have most of the parts and are famous for milking the moulds
  8. That could be Argentinian Agco Allis tractors: Deutz aircooled front end, Massey rear.
  9. That's what I mean, but can't seem to find a 4020 with a cab. I was thinking of putting it on a Ford 7000 or something.
  10. someone on here said the 4020 was only good for its 2wd front axle. I'd prefer one with the Hiniker cab (to use it on a blue tractor), but that's probably too much to ask. If someone wants to part with one, feel free to offer.
  11. just came across this video of the tractor I built. A rare sight, even in the USA.
  12. Some models do not need much work to please me, others more. I must admit that most of the models on my shelves have some work done to them. Recently done some tire swaps on a number: Ford 7610 from Marge with 34 inch rear wheels from a ROS Ford 5640. Ford 7610 from Marge with UH Ford 10 Series 16.9R38 rear tires and Britains 11.00R16 front tires (slightly higher). New Holland TN75DA from Britains with Britains Ford 5610 wheels. Track width corona proof at 1.50 meter. (The tractor itself may need some upgrade.) Britains New Holland T8.390 with Britains Case Magnum 340 tires. The tires are slightly wider than original, with a nicer thread. The whole bunch together.
  13. came across this topic on the Dutch forum while looking for some information about wheel melt on old Britains rims: https://www.miniaturenforum.nl/viewtopic.php?f=129&t=24140&p=3953187&hilit=smelten#p3953187 It says there would be a difference between the 575 and 590, but I don´t think that´s correct. Looking at the bonnet, I would say there´s a difference between the 2wd and 4wd. The 2wd is shorter and steeper compared to the 4wd. The decals must be in line with the cab.
  14. Wow, you should start mass producing these AP cabs! Could use one on a Marge or UH 10-series.
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