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  1. The 4610T looks amazing John. The pocket rocket...
  2. Or County 6600 and 7600 Fours. Them castings have loads off potential.
  3. A good price for the boxed Countys. Maybe slightly OTT for the Fiat.
  4. That will go well behind one off your many blues .. Very nice baler.
  5. Very sorry Lee to hear off the passing off your son . Cant imagine how hard it must have been for you and your familiy bud.
  6. They look in pretty good shape. You have a fee bits yhere that are worth a few pound..
  7. Thats one heck off a collection David. You have all the flagship Countys there.
  8. A fantasic collection Martin. You have all some really nice Fords and Countys. Always admire them.
  9. Thats a sharp looking little model John .Very nice.
  10. Giving the agri side off the hobby a break and doing abit off my other passion being aviation. Have this 1/72 Revell Eurofighter Typhoon on the go. I've 2 options to have it as a RAF or Luftwaffe....undecided .!!
  11. I also find that Britains in terms off implements are not quiet on this planet too it seems. So they pulled all off the arable kit , which is a very silly move. They have 2 different round balers...why 2 ..and no big square now.. We seem to be getting NC tankers in all these colours ...but again they miss the obvious...why not give us a tanker with a dribble bar or injector at the rear. There is no slury tanks being sold today in the real world without ether off the 2... Wake up Britains.
  12. Well the collector might fork out the price if he feels the Britains item is worth it as will the young diorma builder and young carpet farmer with a few pound to spend from doing chores around the farm...but the child that enters the toy shop looking for their parents to splash out....they can forget about it..the parent will just steer the child to a cheaper alternative...like a NewRay or a smaller 1/50 scale Siku.........your loss Britains.. That will happen and I've seen it happen.
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