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  1. Very nice haul John. The Replicagri stuff never disappoints in my eyes. The 115-90 epically is a real gem.
  2. Got these during the week. Britains NC nurse tanker anf Case 1056XL 2wd. Most off the Heritage Case /IHs gathered now.
  3. Love it. The little 4610 is being kept on its toes. But they are all little gems John. Love the classic theme. 😍
  4. That's a 5600... 4pot. Perfect tractor to build on a UH 5000 skid and it tcarried over the same 68 HP engine from the Pre Force 5000.
  5. A few more pics. For my next haul off models. I will be investing in a bigger rake and maybe a tedder.
  6. My 2021 Silage Fleet. Krone Big M 450 Claas Jaguar 870 NH T6. 180 on Kuhn mower Ford 7740 on Claas rake NH T7070 on McHale Fusion 3 NH T7. 225 BP on Kane HP NH T6090 on Kane HP NH TM 155 on Kane Classic JCB 416S on the pike.
  7. Nice silage Fleet. Not many members have pulled out their fleet this year for a few snaps. I must gather my own during the week. 😉
  8. You can get most off them from other brands. Some maybe discontinued. But they have been available. In terms off Ford's. Its the 3cyl Ford 4000 and 4600 is what's needed to fill the gaps. And the bigger 6 pot 8210...
  9. I personally think the shipping companies are riding it. Fair enough... The Suez was blocked for a few days.... But its all over now. Things should be back to normal. Maybe it's the cost off the barrel off oil soaring along with Covid. Steel has gone way up also in price. It all has knock on effects.
  10. A few David Brown's.
  11. Last of the AGCO family. Some Valtra..
  12. Keeping it AGCO. Some Fendt.
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