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  1. The real trailers i think have 5 stage rams in them but scaling them wouldnt be the easiest
  2. Considering there are new designs of the trailers to be launched soon i'd hold yer horseys
  3. The rights to the Kat range are already all tied up
  4. Looks, good, just now to start taking them apart!!
  5. tidy, just nip off the rod between the two rams as its not required and you're sorted
  6. ts115a or ts115 just to clarify? TS115A Is only a sticker change so easy done ts115 i'm building one atm with a loader could do another
  7. every farmer would be better pumping it into the rivers directly as a protest or pump it into the supermarkets front doors tell the eu to stick their payments and tell the supermarkets to pay fair prices or enjoy the smell hahahaha
  8. thought it looked a little familiar looks well with the rear brackets in place, you going to make something for them?
  9. actually there have been a few, just not up on here sorry, must do better, there may be one coming up in the near future i will photo and publish
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