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  1. Maybe more whats on your printer, but- adjustable (hopefully) rear wheels for the larger 3000 series Masseys
  2. Looks pretty much spot on from what I remember of our old one, imagine it could be missing steps maybe making it look off? If you're changing those back wheels and dont have a use for them let me know, after a set for a project
  3. Another Deere started- 6210r into a 6150r, fair bit of material remove to drop the cab and bonnet, still some tweaking to do I think
  4. And the next project started, 25’ Herron bale trailer with working boogies and adjustable and removable bale racks. Need something to stay sane now Unis back
  5. A new Zetor bonnet drawn up and resin printed as well, some finishing work still needed on it, but otherwise done
  6. Also recently completed, a hispec 3500 tandem axle tanker with removable spreadplate
  7. First shed built up for the new layout, bedded house for dry cows, had a change of heart halfway through the build and it’s looking for a new home. Went all out to see how far I could take it, proper Yorkshire cladding with some slight staining/ weathering, guttering and gates with working bars, if it stays it’ll get some lights inside and out I think.
  8. These are now back from getting cast, so I’ll be in contact with those that have already ordered shortly. I have a very small number still available for any of those still looking one.
  9. Cheers, yea this is the second one, resin top cast off the Siku then joined to a wiking bottom, give a far better fit for grills etc
  10. Got something now very close to casting, just a bit of final smoothing out. If anybody else wants one drop me a pm so i can add more onto the run
  11. Cheers Chris, looks like a tweaked Siku 7530 bonnet and cab frame with a 6920 roof skin and chassis to me? Stand to be corrected though, wouldn’t be the first time I got it wrong!
  12. Thanks for the help guys, much appreciated, find the more you look at a picture the harder it gets to pick out the right bit! Thanks for the kind offer, have a good few pics here from when I did a bit with one, working off them and a few online pics, so should be sorted that way, much appreciated though! I've got the overhang on the grill sorted using the wiking lower section, gives me the lip on the inside for the grill to sit against as well. Problem with that top line is getting the shape right below it to get the transition right when it does go into the bonnet. Think it’s where the two meet that is throwing me off, almost exaggerates the shape of the top?
  13. Right chaps, after a second opinion, wasn’t quite happy with the first master, so did some fiddling about with the original wiking one and came up with this - Siku top on a wiking bottom. Opinions? Fits on the grills are a lot neater, and have the correct inserts for them cast in, but thinking the front shape at the top could be slightly off? All in the interest of getting it as close as I can!
  14. The base model came out of an eBay parts bin years ago, the donor bonnet I already had, same for the wheels, all I really had to buy was the front arms. Realistically the majority of the work has been in the bonnet, maybe 5 hours on the actual tractor, probably the same again on the bonnet, maybe a little more, an hour here and there, hard to count It all up! But I’m not interested in what it’s cost, it’s distraction from the day job writing software, let’s the eyes relax from the screen for a while, almost like a therapy. Plus when you consider I plan to reproduce the bonnet and reuse for a few other builds it drops that cost massively. I can see where you’re coming from though, as a one off for a customer it would be a non starter. Does anybody happen to have some pics of that original silver prototype? Would be interesting to see, a quick google didn’t turn anything up
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