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  1. I remember our FTF 7000 Weathered and it took several attempts to get it right and even then it still got some stick but much better than that effort! Not the finished product surely?
  2. Yep! Although I know very little about who was behind this maker. They produced some lovely tractors and combines.
  3. What a wonderful model this one is and for a 1/16 piece, weighs a considerable amount indeed! I've not seen another one from memory so is a pretty rare piece. Just not everyone's preference with it being in 1/16. Not too many real examples about either I would think. Pictured is one of Crawford's, sold a while back.
  4. Yes Joe. Not the type of implement on everyone's list but not sure there's many more like it in 1/32 scale.
  5. Andy

    G.M.W 35 Tractor

    Did the 115 pcs relate to the real tractor production too David? I got that impression from the certificate but wasn’t completely certain.
  6. One of the most delicate 1/32 scale items I've ever had chance to handle. Brass detailing and superb refined parts! This example was factory built but also available as a kit. I quite like the colour scheme on this example, which was recently sold with us.
  7. A recent model to pass through the auction room and one of the more unusual pieces in 1/32 to come across. Produced and Sold in Kit Form although I believe some were factory made (only 115 in either format).
  8. An interesting one! Any sign someone has over painted the yellow to match it all to that colour? Otherwise I'd say a great rare find!
  9. It can be very difficult to tell, especially buying online. I've recently invested in a UV torch Light for closer inspections. Think it cost around £35 for a high powered mid range one. It's very good at identifying touch-ins, repairs, repaints and also new decals being applied. Some Dinky's as below, almost un-noticeable in terms of work being done without UV but the light picks out the work done. The Guy lorry with minor touch-ins, the Foden has a complete top cab repaint. I've a decal example too which I will try and dig out. The glue and decal material all different to the original which again the light shows very clearly.
  10. Time Left: 14 days and 17 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • New and Boxed

    Norscot CAT 365B L Excavator 1/50 Scale Mint and Boxed.

    80.00 GBP

  11. There were a handful brought over from China upon the development of these Fords (and many other models). Depending on the stage of development, early ones were either uncoloured plastic or black plastic or mixtures. Generally to test the tooling and then plastic dye colouring. I remember being told they'd circulate later examples to various contacts for feedback or press previews etc but these were generally further along decal samples. The earlier development models were often destroyed or returned to China so a great find! Where was the seller or item located out of interest John?
  12. It'll be new tooling and copied on the original toy. We explored re-running their old TW tooling to re-produce the County that never was (in blue) in the early years of discussions with the then head of Britains, Craig Varley. He advised that most was lost or destroyed in the transitions between factories. We also provisionally planned to run the Ford Highway tractor Ltd Edition with the old Rear Dump Trailer as a special set but again, the lack of tooling for the latter ruled it out. Would have been a smart set mind you! There seems to be a thing currently with re-running vintage issues with Dinky Toys being reproduced. These have proved to be pretty popular. There used to be great dialogue with the company and for all the time he was complained about, Craig Varley was probably best one they've had since the early 00's. Both he and FTF members were instrumental in getting some great advancements in the Britains lines. Particularly the new rear hitch, the Internationals, Fords and classic Deeres. Rory Day played his part too. It's a different company now though, with good intentions, but looks to have a rather hazy approach to product development!
  13. Did Ertl re-issue the above tooling on general release in different livery? The old casting below was done in at least three colour schemes I think. Still a smart tractor.
  14. Thanks for sharing Francesco. Some great rarities in those pictures.
  15. Hi Andy thank you for your phone call this morning it was i big help on sorting things out  ,once again thank you all the best cheers 

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