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  1. Very nice James, I like that, can’t help thinking of The Shining though!
  2. Very nice pictures Martin, they could almost be real, and the gear looks spot on! I’m a bit concerned about the dog in the second from last photo mind, looks to me like Platts fitter is about to get a wet back!😆
  3. Brilliant James! Looking at the interiors you could have been poking round some of our sheds for inspiration.....apart from the horse that is!
  4. Looks a nice little conversion John, I like that!
  5. Very nice spreader Martin! Must admit, we’re using Origin this year and it has been a bit lumpy, nothing that a couple of drops off the spike didn’t sort though😉
  6. Thanks Nigel, look forward to seeing your progress!
  7. Thanks Justin, I bet they were a pokey little tractor in their day!
  8. Thank you all, it's nice to be able to make a bit of progress now these sheep have finished!
  9. Mirrors, wipers and some decals to add, but 4610T and 6810 almost done. The 68 has a set of rowcrops as well as detachable dual wheels
  10. There's not been much time for models this past month, but things are starting to quieten down a bit now, so I've been able to get back to the cutting mat for an hour or two. Whilst waiting for the decals for the Leylands I've got a batch of Case's and IH's to finish, so a bit of progress on the Case IH 685 loader tractor.
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