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  1. Thanks David, that would be spot on if you come across it!
  2. Ours is just coming up 9500 hours, but like you say, that’s nothing compared to some. To be fair, it’s had very little spent on it in the 12 or so years we’ve had it. We did the brakes a few years ago as a precaution, and this spring we replaced all the rubber hoses underneath as we’d had one perish and dump the back end oil out, but apart from that just routine servicing really. You’re right, there’s a fair few 10 series SE’s up our way, but not 00’s. It came from Scotland via a dealer near Penrith, and hand written underneath the pull out radio it says 6400 SE demo, if I ever get around to it I’d like to trace its history actually.
  3. Thanks David, they’re brilliant...I’m going to have to get it finished now!
  4. That picture makes me go weak at the knees! They look a very tidy pair of tractors Will, what sort of hours are they on? We still have a 64 here, but it’s a bit unusual in that it’s an SE model which came out right at the end of the 6000 series. I’ve seen a few for sale on the continent, but there doesn’t seem to be many about over here, in fact I can’t say I’ve ever seen another one up to now. Brilliant tractors though, I don’t think ours will ever leave here.
  5. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out Nigel, is yours going to be 4wd?
  6. That’s the one David, I thought you’d recognise it! I remember starting it after I’d seen it in the magazine, but like a lot of other builds it got sidelined. Should try and get this one finished actually, some of those photos will help!😉
  7. What is on my workbench?? Found this when I was sorting through some unfinished builds so I thought I’d see if anyone knows what it is..bearing in mind it’s not finished yet. I have a feeling the Tractor Twitcher might😉
  8. I thought I’d cast a few parts that have taken a bit of work as there are a few more 10 series that I’d like to do, so bonnet, front grill, cab roof and diesel tank replicated
  9. Thanks Dominik, it’s another tractor that I’ve always had a soft spot for. To me, Deere got it right back then with the ‘00 and ‘10 series, plenty of operator comfort but still relatively simple to fix and just enough electrics to help rather than bewilder! Plus, the sound of a 69 working hard could make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up! I’m not totally sure on the wheels yet, but I think I’ll probably go with the ones that’s on it as I want it to have fairly chunky boots but not over the top, and I think with a little extra detailing and some paint they should look fine. Looking forward to seeing your 6420, another one I have a soft spot for!
  10. I obviously couldn’t work out my measurements that well a few years ago! I thought the proportions weren’t just right, and after a few conversations with Ben (Fendt Farmer) we worked out that the bonnet and chassis was about 10mm too long, so out came the Dremel! The Ertl cab also needed a bit of work around the rear pillars, and also the mudguards have a raised edge which I’ve added along with the steps, and a start on the front grill
  11. Thanks Kieran, it’s a bit rough and ready, but it does the job!
  12. She’s gone back to working five days a week at the moment Alastair, so not really!😁
  13. Be interesting to see if they do Sean, hope they do a better job of it than the 6400 though
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