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  1. No bother John we know it's in safe hands and Roy agreed it was a good place for it go live πŸ‘
  2. Built for the very first Lancashire and Lakeland model show held at Nether Kellet by Harold powlton, the tractor was awarded by judges opinion on the day go Roy Leetham for his display of converted and scratch built tractors and 76th scale Langley kits and Dutch barn, the show was organised by my late dad, me and Harold, was the first step to what became the Lakeland model farm and construction show now held at Penrith. Roy approached me at the last show held before covid and said he'd like the tractor go come back to its home as a tribute to my dad, but knowing that John was a large collector of Britain's Ford's, we agreed that it could have a home in a collection where it would fit in well and also I'm sure my dad would appreciate Johns collection seeing as he was a big fan of Ford and Fordson tractors himself
  3. This getting a good guide for any newbie wanting to get into collecting Britain's Ford's John.... πŸ‘
  4. One or two familiar looking tractors there John, but good to see them all out whilst you've time to photo them look forward to seeing the rest of your collection πŸ‘
  5. Fantastic scenes there John, every credit to you and your scratch builds
  6. Sorry to hear the loss of Stanley, it will have been a hard battle for the little fella, i'm sure he'll be with in this new diorama Lee, as others have said its looking good but deepest condolances to you and your family
  7. Stunning work again John, all I can say is simply stunning😍 Johns right though, be good to see some of your handiwork at Penrith even if it's just a short stay on a spare bit of table
  8. Think I need a tissue 😍.....harvest gold by name..... Gold by nature fantastic work there John
  9. Wow.... They must be the best representation of the Bathgate blues that I've seen John.... Hats off to you you've not disappointed there and in sure that even non Leyland enthusiast will be impressed by those πŸ™‚
  10. Could almost be a scene from Bathgate pre move to Gainsborough John, looking good though πŸ™‚
  11. Tidy pair John but after seeing your other builds I wouldn't expect anything less
  12. Something a bit different John..... Nice find though
  13. There is no end to your talents there John, even in its early stages of build your getting details in place like the later type 8 stud front hubs she's going to be another one of your stunning builds
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