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  1. Not much in addition to the post above from Sean, aside from a new JCB Agrixtra Loadall, JD 7R 350 and the Kane Tri Axle trailer. Maybe more surprise releases as yet.....
  2. I may be wrong, but I think there are 7500 worldwide, maybe only 1500 coming to the UK and are likely to be a good investment, so I would indeed get in quick, the low asking price may not last for long.....
  3. I am not sure to be honest, maybe someone with better connections could add more? However there isnt much you could change versus the original, bar 4WD, which would involve more work etc etc.....
  4. Yes the E27Ns are sold out in the trade, very quickly too. I have managed to hopefully secure 12, but I will only believe that when I see them! Due out in July, but again, as with everything at the moment, it could well drift from there.... Same with the 6600, though I am told this could be a continuation, not limited (like the re-release JDs), depending on sales.
  5. Dont know Cyril, guess it's down to whoever wholesales them etc
  6. The new releases wont land in the UK untill the last week of March now - hopefully.......🤞
  7. I have just got a couple of the 4890s from the U.S. - you can still get them brand new - at great expense! The Toy Farmer version was only ever going to be produced as a limited ish run (5700 odd pieces) and then not re-issued as per the agreement with NFTS.
  8. It's the sign of the times I am afraid, most manufacturers are increasing prices, for a number of reasons. For example I am staying well away from the new UH Valtras - they dont seem good value. RRP for the 2021 Britains releases are an indication of the cost to suppliers - there aint that much money in them! Though like you say, the sales figures will tell the ultimate truth. Its all relative though - when I was a kid and buying Britains, I thought that £2-£5 was a lot of money!
  9. Fairly soon I hope, I have some on order, so will post up if I happen to be early in recieving them! No doubt someone will beat me to it!
  10. The re-issue John Deeres look like early March now, the other Spring releases should be this month some time.
  11. It does look promising. It seems there are only 1500 coming to the uk, so one wonders how many are being produced.......
  12. Mine too, but I just put up those which I knew a release date for. The others are all likely to be after July - so the Autumn/Winter stock
  13. Most of the new releases wont be until post July - so Autumn Winter. Below is what I have been told, (pays your money takes your choice as to if they will be on time) the rest have no ETAs at the moment....... 42902 - John Deere 3050 FEB 42904 - John Deere 3650 FEB 43054 - John Deere 3640 FEB 43255 - JCB 6t Dumper FEB 43265 - Fleming Double Bale Lifter FEB 43268 - New Holland T6 + NC Tilt Dumper Trailer Set FEB 43293 - Fordson Major (100 Years Anniversary) JULY 43293 - Fordson Major (100 Years Anniversary) "Gold" JULY 43294 - International 1066 FEB 43295 - Case International 4894 FEB
  14. I would suggest its 'roughly' 1/32.......
  15. I cant get them yet and I have still not seen any confirmation of the 6600 re-release.....? Britains are planning several 'surprise' releases in 2021, but who knows!
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