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  1. Here you go Andy a couple of pictures its a slightly darker shade than the Liliput but the Liliput looks the same as the ddn
  2. Thanks Andy no its a slightly different shade to the Liliput i will get some pictures to compare
  3. It's similar but slightly different shade to the ddn fordson
  4. jmd

    Jmd collection

    Britains 100 years coin/ booklet
  5. I took a bit of a gamble with this but looking at it, it doesn't looked to have been messed with. The axle's haven't been off and crimped back together and its got the odd paint chip here and there but looks original, has anyone seen one in this shade of blue before? I have a couple of the lilliput versions in lighter blue but never seen a 1/32 one in this colour
  6. I do like the toymaster header board Paul. Hard to find stuff like this nowadays like you say
  7. Have you put a hitch on the ertl nash David i see you've put a 2wd axle on it
  8. jmd

    Jmd collection

    I've never seen one in this style before paul I did get it from the US so maybe you could only get them from over there not sure of year but your right I think early 70s
  9. jmd

    Jmd collection

    Britains farm animals and figures card poster Britains models display case flyer Britains box x4 think these would have had animals in. I use them to store models
  10. jmd

    Jmd collection

    Have seen the other version but never just managed to get one yet, didn't realise this was hard to find but now you mention it it always seems to be the other version that comes up from time to time. The mcdonalds advert came out of heat magazine the good lady used to buy it from time to time its A4 size
  11. jmd

    Jmd collection

    TOMY aisle board
  12. jmd

    Jmd collection

    Britains hanging board Britains 2005 header and aisle board Britains 2006 header board Britains 2007 header board
  13. jmd

    Jmd collection

    Britains 2016 poster Britains 2019 poster
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