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  1. Hi, my boss got in touch with Henri a month ago and got some waterslide decals from him, he took his time to get back to him, (a good few weeks), so I'd try and be patient with him. Hope this helps!
  2. Thanks just ordered a couple one for myself and one for my dads Christmas box.
  3. Jirnsum. I have an uncle, aunt and a couple of cousins out there, the big farmer in the village used to be a big Renault tractor fan, having around 8 Renault tractors.
  4. Until now I didn't realize that county, although under the name countytrac were still going. I knew of these conversions, due to having family in Friesland in the Netherlands, which I try and visit as often as possible. Nice work! ๐Ÿ‘Œ
  5. As many of you will know my dad Mike Carvey. He has recently been busy making some scratch builds and convos, which he hopes to take to shows like Penrith in the coming months (covid depending). He also sent some photos into the International Harvester Heratige magazine, on his IH 634 County equal wheel, with a scratch built dowswell DP7. The bottom pictures are of a 634 Roadless Conversation with spade lug wheels. Behind is a Warag? Mole Plough, fully scratch built. Hope you enjoy, there is more in the pipeline to come!
  6. Did you or someone else 3D print it. As I'd love one myself! Brilliant job with the Samson tanker!
  7. Very nice work, my dad has also been working on a land drainer, based off a britain's ford 5000. Hopefully I'll get a topic up soon.
  8. The 1455 is a mater of taste, I've seen some humongous wheels on 1455s before, I think wiking were looking at one from what a lot of them have ended up looking like rather than schuco going off an original style.
  9. I wouldn't mind the IH 56 series revived whilst they are at it!
  10. She's holding up well! Looks even better on the diorama!
  11. Thanks! The background is a photo very close to my house which my dad's girlfriend took, and then made into a backdrop for me.
  12. Yeah the build quality is rubbish, plastic top link, etc.
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