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  1. Nice to see Jan, certainly a good use of the printer to develop the turntable
  2. I didn't realise how big those chaser bins are Chris! Looking good
  3. Looking forward to seeing this progress Martin, I see where the wheels are off now! We used a few trailers in similar nic last year
  4. Great to see some progress Jan, certainly an unusual bit of kit
  5. Impressive work as ever John, I can sympathise with the curse, I always find after time away from building it takes a build or two to get back into the swing of it! and sometimes there's a model that just fights you the entire way.
  6. Lovely scenes John, you've built up quite the fleet!
  7. The virtual workbench for now but the next kit is starting to come together, 1:32 KTwo Compact and Push Trailer
  8. Some lovely additions Heilke, the lying calf, child with piglet and child with dog are great figures that I haven't seen before!
  9. Thank you John, had to do some googling there to understand though 😁 Looks very like another build I have in mind now the track theory has worked, a 1970's Pisten Bully Snow Groomer, again a fascination created by holidays up to Glenshee Ski Centre.
  10. Yes I considered buying the Matchbox one for dimensions. There are two on a farm along the A93 up to Glenshee Ski Centre that always caught my eye when we were there on holiday. Should fit in nicely with the snow gear I currently have, and with a forestry dio idea I'd like to eventually make.
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