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  1. Was it my standing start or the handbrake turn out of your track onto the road that impressed you most? 😆 I wouldn’t worry, We set the world to rights if nothing else and seeing your builds just about made up for Penrith being cancelled again. 😉
  2. Thanks lads. Yes stunning models both of them. I’m astonished at the level of craftsmanship that’s gone into these. It won’t be the last you’ve see of them.
  3. Yesterday’s attempt at picking these up didn’t quite go to plan but today was more successful. A short trip to see John collect these 2 absolute stunning models.
  4. From a man that isn’t the worlds biggest fan of green paint…that is a stunning transformation John, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was the next release from Schuco! First class work as usual👍
  5. Brilliant photos and brilliant models John. For a moment there I thought you’d been away to the blue force working day!
  6. Thanks very much lads, Im quite pleased with myself over these photos. Sean, if only I had a real collection like the model one!
  7. Still capable machines if looked after Justin, as long as you can work out what the long poles that come out of the cab floor are for😉
  8. Thanks James. Thanks John. Yes it’s one I did.
  9. Dropping a bit of grass today for a late 2nd cut.
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