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  1. blimey . not seen one of them for a long time, matchbox used to do them, and british telecom had them way back up Scotland as well .think they used to have one for dartmoor as well before i started ,but we don’t get so severe snow on dartmoor so landys we used ,we used to maintain the masts ect in winter for call out ect
  2. also finally,nearly finished the baler combo, sledge just needs rear wheels put back on once dry, and decals, balers got the bracket fitted now on the rear for the sledge,so only needs to pto shaft sorting now.
  3. also got the marston re assembled after paint a few weekends ago, needs pipes decals and the roll over finishing .
  4. went out to have a tidy up after cutting the grass ect after a busy weekend and got a bit distracted, sorted the bracket now on the 5430, need to make some support legs for it,then its hopefully into mf red for a 900 series loader. am still in two minds on the wheels,well tyres, the hubs suit it a lot better, but the tyres may be a bit to large, especially at the rear, so may yet try something else on them before committing ,cant get the mudguards on the front at the mo without them fouling the loader bracket .
  5. thanks james, made a small error and left the cab on the workbench ,which in turn has bleached the decals in the sunlight, even with the blinds closed, so need to do some new ones now, they are more pink now than red 😄
  6. Bit of decal work done now , not made my own for a while now but came out nicely after some printer cleaning
  7. It certainly is , doubt much will come out, from anyone before xmas maybe later going by this . Lot more going on in china than we know . https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-57446437
  8. thanks john, i am happy with it, maybe the cab needs to drop a little height wise,seems a bit high over the front wheels maybe , but otherwise i prefer it over a panel one ,thats all my uncle ever had for tuckwells over 40 years,transit flat beds(hes got a renault something at the mo and aint happy at all ) hence why i went for it. may yet get a panel one mind,for other uses .
  9. Little more done on the service van, colour and bits, got the tow bar to fit(forgot that) plus detail the cab interior with stuff, also need to find some good bits of tools ect for the back size wise its great as you can see against the 7000
  10. i managed to get the chassis finished,and painted today, just need to sort the exhaust and spare wheel, also painted the cab interior and front grill/ bumper , all in satin black, just need to get some white and silver paint for body tipper and wheels
  11. really must finish my pickup now having seen yours mate, i may yet get that one as well if theres any left .
  12. impressive james,always has been since it started mate
  13. you must have moved quick to secure that lely mate, i did see the post,,while at work, then forgot to look again later,so no hope for me getting one .
  14. i did look and i cant see any obvious marks in the head, looks dirty/lost its shine for sure . it does look like the corn king part,maybe a bit lighter than my one i just got,unless thats being against the green that makes it look darker. i do like it as all yellow,but they are making good money now,so before i buy a donor or locate new parts i want to be sure . not going to be easy to resolve i think unless someones got pics of one or another in their collection .
  15. No andy the yellow metal section has the chipping in all the normal places, corners and edges, no red underneath or any sign its been over painted . Really thrown me as i dont want to go finding new parts if its not pucker, apart from stupid reply's on facebook (where no ones even noticed the yellow bit) no ones said about one either
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