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  1. 4th one arrived,am guessing its maybe little farmer ? orange body silver plastics tipper
  2. sorry barry, had not seen this reply, intresting ,if it was that story it must have been ccf was it? cap cod farmer
  3. been a while in here since i posted, have been busy with work,plus with no shows to attend its harder to find stuff with just fleabay at the mo, but 3 new trailers found,with a fourth on its way, dark green with red rims, another turquoise body ,but with yellow rims( have a grey rimmed one ) and a dark blue with white rims.need a jockey wheel for this one mind
  4. i know a company measured up and took a load of pics of a very tidy 6910 a year or so back at tuckwells,where my uncle works, was one of three they had visited 1 in uk and 2 in europe according to the sales guy who assisted them. but they wouldnt say who it was . mr softie had also heard the same info via his dealer in scotland .so i wouldnt be surprised if schuco dont do one ,they have 3/4 of the parts made already afterall
  5. wasnt going to bother ,as its a bit to “old” timeline wise for me ,however after some pondering i have decided to get one, doubt i would be luck enough to get a gold one mind 😄 hard enough buying a blue 😃
  6. very nice,we used to run a 698t ,the swb version, was like a little rocket ship on the road
  7. i have come to the conclusion that you are using pics or real kit her martin , may have to put a post block on you 😄😄
  8. liking that mart, did ponder doing the same with my spare trailer, but it would have been to big for what i wanted, hence the kit i bought, am i right in saying that low loaders a kit ? or is it one you made,
  9. Having seen those working while on holiday one year i have to say they look spot on so far
  10. it was sadly, and a couple of server moves also in there, suspect the pics may still be on photobucket, i must go and have a look sometime ,if i can remember the password 😄
  11. theres a topic somewhere, whether the pics are still on it i wouldnt know,as at the time we used photobucket as the pics host, not sure if i still have them,they may be on the laptop .
  12. thanks john . thanks ,shes a 8 ton, top comes off, all the sides drop and remove as well for a flat bed ,i did it a good few years back now, running on a a couple of sets of uh vanto trailer wheels
  13. have really been neglecting this of late, work mainly,but its also been hellish hot up there, need some more coir matting for this side, so for now just some angled shots with of cuts as a bed, balers not quite finished yet so none of that, could have done side b, but i have not done the revised track, greenery ect yet, even though i have the coir matting, but thats for this winters project .
  14. Nice john , i am guessing they ran a county front axel? Or something very similar
  15. thanks james, i am tempted to have a go at a few other items ,just to take the newness out of them, but not sure if i fancy the tractors or combines yet ,took to long to make ,so dont want to bugger them up. yes john that one could well be homeless as well after this, not the first time its happened either, usually its some of the wire i use or similar,anything she can chase round the room and pick up.got to say i think another trailer kits coming, but will be split down,i want the chassis and running gear for something else, plus the body can be timbered out and used for a tipper body on the ford d series when i do it .
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