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  1. The base model is a Massey Ferguson 1014 from Weise toys. i made the wheelbase correct by cutting the chassis in two. the back fenders were modifed to. the cabin is the original from the 1014 with other side windows. the interior was put in the correct color and some details were added. the hood was 3D printed. the full model was repainted in the correct colors and the correct decals ware added. on one picture you can see my 699 and 698 togheter.
  2. After a half year of building I finaly ended the 699 project. The base of this model is a Weise toys 1014. I used the cabine that i modified (correct color + put some details in it) I measured a real one for the hood and had it 3D printed. I put some extra details on it to make the model just like the real one. Also i made all the correct decals and put them on the model. off course i repainted the model in the correct colors.
  3. The exhaust is printed indeed. I based myself on the original folder to make this model. I still need the correct front weights now and some little decals to finish this model. kind regards
  4. My last conversion: hood and rimes are 3D printed. Base is from a Claas Ares. Tires are from a Massey Ferguson 8220. Cabine is from a Massey Ferguson 3080.
  5. My last conversion. a MF 8130 with 3D printed bonnet. Cabine is from a 6170 from Universal hobbies. Chassis is a Claas Ares also the tiers. Other parts are from artisan
  6. Not a difficult conversion this time. The base is from a 3080 from Universal hobbies. the front axes is from a massey ferguson 2620.
  7. I agree! i made a 3630 myself a time ago.
  8. My last conversion hood is 3D printed (I found him in Germany) cabine is from a universal hobbies 3080 rims are alsoo 3D printed
  9. not finished yet. base is a MF 6170 from universal hobbies. The hood is 3D printed.
  10. Nice done! I'm working on a 3680 for my self to. like you can see i have still a lot of work on it.
  11. My last conversion. the base is a 7499 from universal hobbies. the hood is a conversion from a siku 8270 en the tires are from a valtra T serie. I hope you like him.
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