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  1. I think even in 'normal' times Britain's always get their releases out just at the wrong time, combines always seem to come out in the autumn!
  2. And a Shropshire number plate too I see!
  3. I think the gen 2 had a smaller weight, and the gen 3 had a bigger one like the 818/20. That one looks spot on. The 820's don't come up very often but I hope you find one. I had a white one, didn't keep it though. 818 reasonably close, I managed to get one of those recently. As UH are re-releasing older stuff at present, would make more than few people happy if they did another run of 820's It seems people don't want to let the model versions go in the same way as the real ones.
  4. Good read Phil, is that the Gen 3 716 with a smaller weight?
  5. One of your finest Phil! Looks so much better on the UH wheels. Hopefully the T will revert back to UH and they will do the 5, I was worrying Wiking had discontinued it to update, but they haven't updated stuff like the Claas Arion so hopefully will be UH.
  6. For some reason, very few Valtra models with a front linkage come with weights (possibly the Ros N174?). Anyway, as the Weise Fendt 514s linkage couldnt hold up a cat hair, I've tried it on this T214 and it fits a treat.
  7. Dug this out and thought I'd try and improve it. Have started on the hubs but it's been a long time since I did any painting and my hands aren't as steady as they used to be, so will have another try tomorrow. Already looks a bit better. Will get the front linkage off it too soon! The steering beacon will have to go as well, apart from those issues I always thought it was a decent likeness.
  8. Oh I thought they were old shop stock!
  9. Going to use this little DB as a yard tractor, so probably will use with the sweeper pictured and probably a link box. Would it need some front weight added do you think?
  10. Ok, intrigued to see how much better it looks painted.
  11. Have you put it all back together/finished it now Phil?
  12. They steer but not hugely. They wobble badly too, at least on the one I have. It's the older blue one by the way, the yellow one might be better?
  13. Wheel height = 42mm Wheel width = 15mm Rim diameter = 21mm Hope that helps.
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