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  1. A very decent model John, I did have one but collection size had got out of hand so I got rid of it. Good price too
  2. Maybe they will update the TM420 to the TM420s, may see more Claas stuff now they have the licence. I've expected them to release the new shape Defender as well.
  3. Looks a lovely job mate. I have been thinking about adding a vintage tractor to my layout (whenever that might appear) and not sure whether to get that one or a 35X.
  4. Yes, I have a horrible feeling it will have the usual wide spaced wheels, as per their other big Deeres. But would be nice to be wrong
  5. That piece in CT also says there is an Agri Extra Loadall coming out next month, no mention of it being the Aston Martin one, also there is a Union Jack Loadall too. Claas Jaguar, JD 8R.370 and 8R.410 (Prestige) - November Claas Mowers - Dec or January Kane trailer- Jan or Feb the article reports this will have detachable silage sides John Deere X9 combine - march/April John Deere 7R.350 - 'spring' 2022 The weathered David Brown, JD 4020 and Ford 6600 due any time.
  6. Seen in new issue of Classic Tractor...looks promising
  7. It's a nice combine, but agree it's a shame the grain tank doesn't open. One of the firms did make a 'lid' you could sit on the top of it but I don't think it's available anymore. The Britain's Vaderstad Rapid occasionally comes up on ebay, the UH implements are harder to find but may come up eventually. It's a shame they haven't reissued them though, they are very popular.
  8. Am tempted, but a bit skint after the holiday. Can the man be removed from the seat?
  9. Definitely agree someone should do the Mega 8000 series. I haven't bothered with the Britain's Valtra T, despite it having more accurate rear mudguards than the Wiking. No point mentioning the useless front linkage though maybe the forthcoming front mower will fit it!
  10. I'd like a generation 1 900 without the wheel weights and badged as something else like a 924. They have gone a model down with the gen 2 and 3 so its not impossible. I'm surprised they haven't done the 1980s Favorit 600 as well as that wouldn't be too different from current model. Surely the larger frame Farmer 310/311 is crying out to be modelled as well (with Weise the obvious choice to do it)
  11. Very nice work Phil, I'm surprised there hasnt been an updated T5 announced as yet. Your lovely green T163 isnt minus its wheels now though is it? 😆
  12. Another re release from Britain's announced on their Facebook page, not sure if this has been mentioned previously? Photo courtesy of their page.
  13. Thanks for posting Chris, very helpful
  14. According to Brushwood site, early September. The 100yrs Fordson now due late August early September as well. There is also a 70th anniversary red Valtra T due And according to Brushwood, in September is a JCB Loadall Agri Extra (ref 43325) as well as the Union Jack Loadall due October. I am intrigued by the Agri Extra - especially as there is already a Loadall in the range. Maybe a variation on the current model with ag tread tyres?
  15. sorry I didn't want to start a new topic on the same subject... Would the Superfaun fit onto a Weise tractor? And are they difficult to come by these days? Not after mint boxed one, but a complete loose one would be fine, for a little idea Ive got. I wish Britains had re-released some of their classic models for the anniversary (from 70s/80s era I mean)
  16. Looks much better with the mods Phil, I bought a couple cheap with view to trying to improve them, but not sure I can be bothered now
  17. Reply from Weise - the 926 gen 1 will be available again, pandemic has disrupted supply. Happy days.
  18. Hopefully so Sean, I think the 824 always goes for a good price nowadays just to name one. I expect some of the MB trac models would do well if re-released as well.
  19. Further to above, I have contacted Weise to see if the 926 gen 1 is likely to be available again, as its not listed as discontinued on their site - would be just as happy with one of those as the 824 as they look the same and I have examples from the following 3 generations of 900s so would complete the set.
  20. Very nice Phil, those later 716s are very nice, the Generation 1, perhaps not so much. Those tyres suit the 820 very nicely - I like how it looks as though its rearing up slightly. I' ve got a UH 818 stashed away, it would look better with those tyres - whether or not that happens is anyones guess, I shan't make the same error as with the 824 though and flog it!
  21. I do bitterly regret selling the Weise 824, if anyone knows of one coming up for sale do let me know. I know there is a limited edition coming up soon from Toys Farm but I'd want to display the model and not sure it would be right to do so with a rare one.
  22. Have put the Kuhn fertiliser spinner on the Fendt 816, I think it sits a little too far off but I can live with it. It was awkward to attach though, I had to put the hitch onto the linkage and then reattach the spreader afterwards. There wasn't the same hassle with the Valtra T191 it just went on and off. (Hoping the pictures attach)
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