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  1. So it's been a bit slow the lads have been coming hear and there to do bits to the new cow shed. It's OK as long as its finished before silage time as were hoping to make as much hay this year and store it in the top end of the shed. Had to clean the cows out in the yard the other day used the skidsteer and just loaded it straight into the spreader and away with it. As it's still cold up here in Cumbria the grass still hasn't started to grow. No meadows are empty yet. So still ok to get that muck out.
  2. Made this a wile ago but only got round to finishing it off. also made a sheep snacker.
  3. Work lads were in Saturday laying the concrete. They'll be back Tuesday morning to start on barriers and sheets for roof.
  4. So it's been all go hear on Hazelhead farm. Finally managed to get the planning for the new shed passed, so the lads turned up with the diggers on late Tuesday night to get a early start stripping off. Had one of the best digger drivers he could work them machines with his eyes closed. Had to remove a far bit of top soil to hit the good ground but hasn't gone to wast as it'll do for the meadows in the dips to level off. Diesel bowser got dropped off in yard so we took it over to the site for them on the gator. As were still in full swing with lambing Matthew had to lead the c
  5. Thanks guys means a lot, It's a hard time for all of us. Just keeping my self busy back at work now so keeping my mind occupied.
  6. Sorry bud I for got about this ill get some pictures tomorrow
  7. It's a shame realy. As farming now is more production a few farms around here milk 800 cows that's not farming in my eyes
  8. Sometimes big is only way to go to get farming to pay. Well in the real world. There's plans to build a hard standing cow shed sometime.
  9. So it's been a busy start to lambing that cold spell was hard on the lambs hoping to get the second half of the twin lambers in the polytunnel
  10. Yeah I liked doing it and it was just like my brothers farm but it was taking up to much room on a 8x4 board and that was just the old part of the farm. Now I've got this ill just stick with it and make small dioramas
  11. No sadly he lost his battle with leukaemia on 31st of January he was 16month when diagnosed with it and he was 3 year old when he passed. He had to go to Singapore for special treatment that cost £500.000 whitch did work but the 3rd bone marrow transplant made his lungs so bad he was struggling to breathe so had to be put into a coma to rest his lungs but sadly they were to damaged and couldn't stop the bleeding in his lungs.
  12. Hello mate. Got some plans for adding to Hazle head farm. I still need to build the second pat of the bench so I can add buildings hopefully get planning for a modern beef cattle shed....
  13. It's a ford 66 that's been cut down I think a lad built it for me. I'll get some pics up for you.
  14. This is what I've been upto. Just a few finishing touches to add.
  15. Sadly I lost my 3year old son on the 31st of January. But your right its helped me though and still does I enjoy doing it and hoped one day Stanley would of as well. I guess I can only hope he's by my side when I'm up there.
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