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  1. Hiya.havnt been on for a while I lost my account info.could any1 tell me where I could get a twin wheel slurry tanker mayb hi spec or redrock.1/32 scale and be able to play with a little.thanks in advance for any info
  2. Here is a pic of my chicken shed I built from scratch.and some scaffolding I made from wood that's supposed to hold plants up.and a general pic of my son's latest editions.
  3. does anybody know if the latest britains jcb telehandler cab comes of as my son pointed out there is a man in the cab in the picture on the book.but I cant seem to get the cab off
  4. does anybody know if u can get a 1/32 jcb 3cx from jcb or is it straight through britains.as my dad said to harrison used to sell them as jcb and more details then britains
  5. here is my 1st attempt at making potato boxes.made 1 with balsa and 1 with lime wood.any tips and advice be very welcome.i made them 1.5" depth X 2 1/4" wide and 40mm high.does that sound about the right dimensions for a 1/32.they do hang over the edge of the trailer abit
  6. here is a few pics of my sons collection
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