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  1. The Valtras looking good Joe, lets hope UH get the franchise for the new T5 range in the near future😉
  2. The Fendt 936 arrived on Friday with its new running gear in place. We didnt want the larger tyres that were fitted to it during its demo and asked for them to be replaced with the more popular size of 710/75/R42s x 600/65/R34s. We have also tracked down a large double axle Amazone Sprayer to go behind the 936. We will start using this rig shortly on all our Maize cropping. The 936 is an awesome bit of kit and everyone wants to drive it. Also the new Gen 6 Fendt 724 will arrive in June. Our secondhand Gen 2 Fendt 716 has been very useful, in fact so useful we are buying a second one, a
  3. I decided to improve my Fendt 942 by removing its large rims which were based fairly realistically on 750/ R44 x 650/R38s by Wiking. And its very undetailed rubber tyres😠 So I found a set of wheels/tyres off the previous Wiking Fendt 939. And then with some Fendt spray paint and a few subtle modifications I fitted the wheels and replica 710/75/R42 X 600/65/R34s tyres. I also redecalled it as a 936 as there are lots of the gen 5 versions running around here and I already know of two 936 gen 6s so I expect they will be more popular than the 942s. Anyways the extra detail on the tyres and r
  4. After five days of use our dealer came to pick up the Fendt 936. What a fantastic tractor it is, its done everything effortlessly and helped us make a decision as well. Currently we spray our own cereal crops with our Lemken/ Fendt 720 combination but our maize is tended by a contractor who sprays chemicals and liquid fertilizer for us, but not this year. We were looking to bring it in house but werent sure weather to go self propelled or trailed, now we know. A machine like the 936 would be able to incorporate all our maize spraying requirements with big trailed unit and not effect its othe
  5. That JCB looks a bit loud😄.........I wonder when the real machines are due to show up?
  6. One word to describe the past week on the farm "Fendt", We got our two Generation 6 demos and very impressed we were. Firstly the new 724 Gen 6 was collected from TNS yard on Monday (see pic) and yet again it appears they have raised the bar. The machine seems to be a bit more responsive and efficient all round with some nice software improvements. There are few obvious differences with its predecessor externally, mainly the changed bonnet decals. And although we have only had our 724 Gen 5 for a year we agreed to swap it in for a new Gen 6 once it has finished Maize drilling in late May. O
  7. The farm had the opportunity to look at an MF 8S this past week, the 225hp version arrived on monday and got hitched to our tanker for a couple of days before TNS took it back. The overall opinion was positive especially from the drivers seat. However I think at 200hp plus we are likely to stay with their AGCO stablemate Fendt and my two JD drivers are staunch green and yellow men so I dont see one coming this way soon. Also all our tractors are varios now so perhaps we will look again when the VT gets released next year. This coming week I am hoping to see the Generation 6 Fendt 700 and
  8. I just sprayed the lift arm, wheels and engine cover hood. No need to paint the rest as it was already done. Britains JCB sprayed parts are virtually the same shade of yellow as official JCB spray paint.🙂
  9. Here you go🙂................Its turned out quite well I think, better than my two efforts on the 4220s which were reasonable. I will be taking back apart to fit a driver in when ive finished painting his overalls😄
  10. Yes I have Joe, Im waiting for the weekend to take some daytime photos of it mate. Will post soon after I take them.
  11. No, Henri Walker did most of them to his usual high standard🙂
  12. Then fit it together again, adding various decals and painting small details. Just got to let the wheel hubs dry and the shovel attachment and I can piece it all together🙂
  13. I think this is one of Britains best models in a long time and it also leaves the opportunity to make it even better. As it has lots of painted metal on it already it just needs the engine cover and the teleporter arm and attachment holder painted along with the wheels to transform it. Pulling apart was easy, remove three screws from around the engine cover side of the model and drill out the rivet pin holding the tele arm in place at its base. The model just falls apart. Remove all the plastic parts, wipe down with thinners and cover the JCB decals with special painting tape cut to size
  14. Paint job on plastic parts was a total success🙂
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