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  1. Busy season is almost upon us and the farm is ready for the challenges ahead, the new Lexion 6900 gets it PDI monday from the team from Manns and our first rapeseed should be fit to cut by the end of next week. Weve hooked up one of the Pumas to do the carting and the other 175 will be on standby for the start of wheat harvest the week after when two trailers are required. Our friends over at PHR in Essex tracked down a superbly conditioned Fendt 820 with only 6000 hours on the clock. It received a damn good polish and resprayed red rims and almost looks new. Its already on the fleet alongside our Gen 3 716 and will do mostly odd jobs, yard work and fetch and carry. Its sat on the front of the Claas cutterbar trailer now and will remain there for most of harvest. The 716 will be on bale hauling for a while until our 720 has finished its spring/ summer spraying commitments in a week or two. The new 724 arrived last week and went straight on the round baler doing hay before going into some wheat fields. The 936 has been hooked up to our Claas big baler for the next couple of months instead of the JD 6250R which did a good job last year. The 936s superior speed between jobs on the road will increase efficiency. The 6250 has switched onto the Amazone big sprayer whilst the maize rapidly grows and our 6215 has dropped onto the digestate sprayer for a couple more weeks. We are still a tractor short when the pressure is really on and I will be considering my options in the 200hp plus catagory. Both TNS and Doubledays have some decent 2nd hand stock and Im told their might be an ex demo tractor or two available soon as new 2021 models are due in soon.
  2. No it was a hassle Joe.................It still needs the rear lights painted with a silver strip and the cabs rear posts should be blue not black, ROS really messed this one up, no wonder model sellers are virtually giving them away. Valtra should give UH all their future business judging how good the old T series and new G series are.
  3. Finally got around to making the best of the Ros Valtra N C*ck up! So, I removed the wheels and tyres and threw them in the bin for starters, Removed clumsy front linkage hook and heavy weight. Modified rear axle a little and fitted wheels and tyres from a UH Fendt 716, sprayed them black and detailed nuts. Bought a front axle from a McMac TTX (Siku) Modified it , sprayed black, detailed fitted. Done. And thought I would display it next to my lovely new Green T163...............Which is so good I dont need to modify anything😉
  4. Yep I know what you mean about selling then regretting Joe🙄............Its taken me an age to track down a Fendt 820 after I sold my original one some years ago. Luckily a badly damaged one came up for sale recently and I bought that, then transplanted its bonnet and rear wheels with one of my gen3 716s, et voila I now have the perfect 820😊 ............I never was happy with the 820s original front wheels and tyres but the set on the 716 Gen3 are superb. Now I have R42 rears and R28 fronts. The 716 has same fronts and R38 replica rears.
  5. Hi Joe, yeah it was too big & old really. They stopped making them in 2003 whereas the 716s and 820s were built into 2012/3, so more realistic to have the newer builds as handy tractors.
  6. The maize planting finished on June 1st with all 3700 acres going into ideal conditions, and the subsequent weather of warm sunshine and some nice downpours have seen the crop get off to a flying start! This means our two sprayers and digestate tanker are now flat out trying to get their liquids onto the plants. The new twin axle Amazone 11200 is surprisingly manouvrable for such a large rig, especially sat behind our new Fendt 936. The 936 is a terrific machine and pulls the full sprayer up slopes with ease. Our 724 Fendt has now left us to go to its new home and its replacement should be with us in July. And whilst we were at the dealers dropping it off I had a look around their yard. This was full of tractors, especially older Challenger C and Es looking for a new home and not finding one it would appear! Also a couple of nice Valtras and quite a few big MF 8740s which are on route to our leviathon sized neighbours🙄 Combining is probably a month away yet and our Lexion 6900 is due its on farm Pdi by Manns sometime next week. We previously ran an early 760 hybrid machine with 30ft header, having run a 560 straw walker before that. Claas assure me that the new 500hp straw walker machine will see no drop in output against the old combine, with the added benefit of much improved grain sample and straw for baling. Unfortunately my plan to buy a classic old Fendt 926 fell through as the owner changed his mind about selling it. So we are still running our two old 716s as handy yard tractors and sprayer bowser tugs. Our contact PHR in Essex are keeping an eye out for another suitable classic and we hope to hear from them soon.
  7. The whole supply chain worldwide is "cattle trucked"!! Much of the worlds industry ran on "just in time" schedules and now much of it is horribly out of synch. In my profession as a Carpenter the price of materials has more than doubled in many cases, and availability has plummeted. To quote the song, "There may be trouble ahead".
  8. I noticed I put the bigger gen 3 weight on the gen 2 716 Joe, so ive still got it. But the smaller weight is better for the light duties the Gen3 716 will be pictured doing. Mind you Ive put her on verge mowing duties now and she could do with more weight on the front!!😄
  9. I cant remember which weight block was on what model to be honest Joe😄...........I thought it looked right on the Gen 3 tractor. Im on the lookout for an 820 now to go with the gen 3 716 and the 926. Theres two big farms in a neighbouring village who have several new tractors including Fendts and both have 11 year old Fendt 820s which were bought new. My mate at the Fendt dealership TNS reckons the farmers wont let them go to trade ins because they are so good and reliable still, even with 9-10,000 hours on the clock. Im still kicking myself for letting my UH 820 go a few years back.
  10. We collected the combine header bar from our Claas dealer Manns on Tuesday and parked it up Manor yard. The Lexion 6900 is still at the dealers for a while longer as we have no where to put it until the last of the wheat is shipped out over the next 3 weeks. Our latest Fendt 716 which collected the header is lovely little tractor which we were lucky to get, a local farmer whos land we grow some maize on, recently decided to retire and had it as his main tractor on 300 acres for the past 6 years. Its only done just over 4000 hours in 10 years since its registration in 2011, and I snatched his hand off when he asked if I would be interested in buying it. The tractor was bought from PHR in Essex originally and its been serviced by them ever since. Our other older 716 will not be staying as long as I thought, as we took it into PHR to get a front suspension issue checked out and a couple of other cosmetic jobs, and were then quizzed about an opportunity to trade it in to them for a slightly older 2001 Fendt 926 Gen 2 tractor, provided its owner still wishes to sell it. This 270hp beauty is in very good condition now that PHR have done a mini restoration job on it for the current owner. It looks like a 2000 hour tractor and not the 6500 hour 20 year old machine that it really is. It would give us plenty of power for pulling the digestate tanker or muck spreader when nothing newer is available to do the jobs. The tractor could be ours in the next few weeks, the prospect of owning a classic 926 is almost as exciting as when the Gen 6 Fendt 936 turned up🙂. Having recently retired three 30 year old 90s stalwarts from our enterprise our classic Fendts have their work cut out to be just as reliable performers.
  11. The Valtras looking good Joe, lets hope UH get the franchise for the new T5 range in the near future😉
  12. The Fendt 936 arrived on Friday with its new running gear in place. We didnt want the larger tyres that were fitted to it during its demo and asked for them to be replaced with the more popular size of 710/75/R42s x 600/65/R34s. We have also tracked down a large double axle Amazone Sprayer to go behind the 936. We will start using this rig shortly on all our Maize cropping. The 936 is an awesome bit of kit and everyone wants to drive it. Also the new Gen 6 Fendt 724 will arrive in June. Our secondhand Gen 2 Fendt 716 has been very useful, in fact so useful we are buying a second one, a mint Gen 3 version. The only limitation is it could do with more power to pull our tanker when the occasion arises. We dont need anything new but Im keeping my eye out for something suitable above 200hp to do just a few hundred hours work a year, a Fendt 820 or JD 7930 maybe. Ive ordered a new Rolland special edition silage trailer for the coming season which should arrive in June. Our current four year old trailer has performed well and we have a long established connection with the brand. My father used to run a pair of yellow and blue ones back in the 80s which lasted for years, plus a yellow turbovac 20-29 in the 90s. The Maize drilling has been held up by some much needed rain which guarentees the whole 3800acres gets off to a good start🙂
  13. I decided to improve my Fendt 942 by removing its large rims which were based fairly realistically on 750/ R44 x 650/R38s by Wiking. And its very undetailed rubber tyres😠 So I found a set of wheels/tyres off the previous Wiking Fendt 939. And then with some Fendt spray paint and a few subtle modifications I fitted the wheels and replica 710/75/R42 X 600/65/R34s tyres. I also redecalled it as a 936 as there are lots of the gen 5 versions running around here and I already know of two 936 gen 6s so I expect they will be more popular than the 942s. Anyways the extra detail on the tyres and rims certainly improves the models appearance🙂
  14. After five days of use our dealer came to pick up the Fendt 936. What a fantastic tractor it is, its done everything effortlessly and helped us make a decision as well. Currently we spray our own cereal crops with our Lemken/ Fendt 720 combination but our maize is tended by a contractor who sprays chemicals and liquid fertilizer for us, but not this year. We were looking to bring it in house but werent sure weather to go self propelled or trailed, now we know. A machine like the 936 would be able to incorporate all our maize spraying requirements with big trailed unit and not effect its other duties. All spraying would take place from May through to July over 3500 acres and finish in time for cultivations or trailer work. The 936 demo unit was already vouched for before it arrived here, and so we got a quote for a new machine. And then on Thursday we were told the deal to buy it had fallen through and were we interested? Yes we were and a deal has been struck on the 350 hour ex demo tractor. It has two more demos to do and a couple of extras added upon our request, it should arrive back with us in 2 weeks. Everything else is going well but some rain would be welcome.
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