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  1. Thanks. I've been looking on Ebay for the Vaderstad Rapid and Carrier. I did see a Horsch cultivator a few weeks back, but at the time did not realise that it was something I had seen on the back of the T8. I had been so used to seeing it with a Sumo Trio 4.5 behind it and it was only after I saw my photo again, that I realised they had a Horsch too.
  2. I'm new to farm models really. A couple of months ago, I just got an urge and condensed my Model Aircraft collection, freeing up a shelf in my cabinet. I had been looking at photos I had taken over the past few years and came across the one below and wondered if anyone did a model combine like that in my photo and similarly the tractor. The Fendt Vario was the easy one to find. The New Holland combine not so easy, It's not a like for like to my photo, though it is close enough. I found mine on Ebay, brand new in the box. I think like many, I am a little disappointed the bin doesn't open up, but I'm impressed with the quality of the model. I've most recently acquired a MarGe New Holland T8 and am on the look out for a Vaderstad Rapid 600 or Vaderstad Carrier or Horsch Cultivator to recreate another scene. I know they've been done in 1/32, but they're not recent models
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