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  1. Can’t believe no one has made one yet. Surely next on the schuco list? john have you seen your wife lately ? 👀
  2. Weathering is one of those things, done correctly like some some of the boys on here, and it can look superb, most manufacturer stuff I’ve seen though is normally pretty dire
  3. They look really great! When I’ve built my house I’ll be in the market 🤣
  4. So the re releases are a bit different!
  5. Lovely job Paul really coming on. Leylands and Marshall’s everywhere !!
  6. I dearly hope you are right, I think it’s fair to say that they have become left behind in terms of running gear and DCC sound, and then the additional strain of competition from new commissioned manufacturers. you are right, they have some real names there though.... corgi became massive in the 90’s but seem to have retracted somewhat in recent years. I recall them stuffing the market with products, which ended up being heavily discounted to shift, never a good message to your loyal customers, I think many were turned off and shut their wallets.
  7. I guess by the looks of it, the golden thing has been painted fully assembled, then tyres added, job done. Save 3p ghastly looking thing !!
  8. So has Craig gone now? I suspect like James eluded earlier, no one really focused on the Britains franchise and its potential
  9. I’m not so sure. I think Hornby are also struggling. Bachmann massively outperforming them. Whilst not as bad as Britains maybe, they should, like Britain’s be leading in their field, but equally have been overtaken due to complacency and lack of understanding of shifting markets
  10. Yes they did a similar weird thing for Ertl 75 years! They are a company in a bit of a muddle
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