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  1. Did you have to convert inside cab from LHD to RHD Mark, and if so how easy a job is it to get into the cab and do that?
  2. I'm looking forward to seeing more photos of your collection Cyril.
  3. Thanks Paul...when I see something out of the ordinary I always think rare or has it been messed with. I must admit in all the secondary buys I have made I have only bought two which I have subsequently been messed with...but at the end of the day I still like them and have kept them. Thanks Shaun...another one to add to my wish / wanted list.
  4. I have never seen an acrobat rake in the "claas green" type of colour. Is it particularly rare or dare I ask a repaint?
  5. When it comes to finding out about things Barry...Joe is your man...in fact had he been a prisoner of war....Joe would have been the prison camp scrounger to get what one needed to help them escape
  6. Yes I would be the same John...typical Britain's loads of variations out there
  7. Ha ha...I must admit I do like a controlled bonfire...to burn up rubbish instead of wasting time and effort taking it to the skip
  8. Lynn Whitehead Cakes Limited......a business in the horizon me thinks
  9. looking good John.... keep them coming.
  10. I can only think you have had a bang on the head and are still suffering from concussion and colour blindness Barry
  11. The other option was to send Dougie to the shed with a hammock
  12. Oh I'm disappointed in an old truck driver shying away from a show up North Joe ...I recon it's only 140 miles away and around 3 hours from you...not much longer then from Kinross to me then the Treetops in Aberdeen...but I appreciate what you are saying...one never knows what the roads are going to be like at that time of the year.Back on topic I look forward to seeing your build and that may well be the evening of Saturday 8th March 2014 if your are at home since I will be at the G&M Perth event at the Holiday Inn Express on Saturday then the Fife Vintage ploughing match on the Sunday if its on or if not Kenny and Shirley's show at Gretna.
  13. Joe... another fine looking creation and me things you need to finish it and take it up the "Back Highland" road to Callum Morrison's 2nd show at Dingwall Academy in March 2014. I don't plan to exhibit ( its not my scene really since me thinks I'm at my best when I flutter around and sting like a bee ..)...I really only took a small table to support the first show and help get it going but time to back out and allow other folk like yourself and maybe the Beeton's from the Central Belt to come up to Dingwall which was a really amazing show for the first year. For year two I'll try and promote the show with flyers and posters whilst I still have access to free photocopying facilities but after 31/03/2014 the chances of me getting free good quality printing and photocopying are not looking good.I must get in contact with Callum shortly to see what date has been booked if it has been and to see what I can do to help to promote this charitable show.
  14. Well Paul maybe What about this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9GS0H9_YBc
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