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  1. Lovely jubbly John, get well soon. Nice Duck and egg boxed E27N, that packaging has eluded me along with the flat box also shown! Presumably the NP Super Major Industrial is on plastic Fordson rear rims? I suspect there may be some out there on metal versions as the blue NP Super Major also came on metal and plastic Fordson rims as well as Ford style rims. The Major plastic wheel rims survive a lot better with the rubber tyres than later Britains tractors. Lots of variations with Fordson Majors E27n and E1A, although more of the later. I have a Ford Force 5000 in a 5000 Super Major box with a Ford Force sticker on it. It gets even better, I've never seen a trade pack of riders/drivers and you have both, Are the early ones all grey or a mixture of blue and grey?
  2. I think they did a few different Marshal models
  3. The boy with dog, girl with piglet, boy with rope and girl with bucket are all from the farm range 1970 to end of 1974. They appear to have replaced the younger figures from the Britains 'Folk' boxed set that was deleted at end of 1969
  4. I suspect its the yellow part from the Corn King albeit with different decals, what do the screw heads look like? It does look much better as an all yellow combine methinks
  5. I see the E27N and Profi Fendt are listed as sold out already, haven't seen any actually for sale yet! G&M listed them, but only as expected and month when due. Prices are going to be interesting on epay methins.
  6. It is difficult to tell colour from pictures. If you are not sure of the paint how does it smell? Does it look like it has been spray painted? I bought a Deutz Dx110 quite a few years ago, in Autoway colours, and it smelled of spray paint. especially as it had been wrapped up for posting. A tiny scratch in an unobtrusive area revealed it to be a painted green one with Volvo wheels, the reason for buying. I was not too impressed but the seller was excellent and gave me a full refund on receipt of tractor, to Republic of Ireland. I was sweating that as was not a small sum. Also you can take digital pictures of any damaged areas and enlarge to reveal if a different colour underneath.
  7. Best get your finger out then 😉 Well I didn't know about the metal drill or push on wheels! That's the great thing about this forum there's always something new to learn, cheers John
  8. You asked me that question once before, I probably didn't respond. I would call it an encapsulated poster though, not a header board. I'd only be interested in swapping it for something I don't have.
  9. I don't know for certain but definitely professionally produced. My rosette range poster is paper. I do have at least one of the whole farm range posters as both card backed and paper only. What size is the one pictured above, A3?
  10. Thanks Sam, I do have this one but it is card backed (on page 6)
  11. A simple child's toy, the Britains/Tomy "Farm in a Box" JD 30 series( not marked) has a wide fixed front axle, to enable fitment of loader presumably, no glazing and a simple ring tow hitch. Mostly made of plastic with metal bonnet and half shaft housings, Tyres are realistic though. The trailer is a recycled Ertl item and the livestock may be too! idea is quite clever with nothing being thrown away, even the outer wrapper is used as part of the base. There is another set 47019A with a basic Case tractor along the same lines as the JD although this comes with the latter incarnation of the Atcost barn/livestock shed and again presumably Ertl livestock
  12. As far as I am aware the only way to get parts for the buildings is to buy damaged/broken ones
  13. What is the Catalogue number on this one John?
  14. The third one down is 504F. As fordmajor (Jim?) says, the others, well at least the top two, look to be Hugar. The bottom one I suspect is home made
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