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  1. Cheers Sean. You'll need this one for a roadless front axle for Majors, think the QL axle will look more like a County XX00 Four model with its vertically split differential housing, you would have to turn it upside down though to get the diff in the right place. that might play havoc with the swivels if they are at an angle? GMC CCKW-352 Wood Cargo Truck, HobbyBoss 83832 (2015) (scalemates.com)
  2. @MDFord I didn't get the name unfortunately
  3. Sounds like a good place to visit Sean. I was staying in Hayle and happened to drive through the town instead of using the bypass. I had a bit of time on my hands, as the key holder had a 2 plus hour trip back to Exeter so didn't want to leave very late! It's not far from Asda's
  4. A couple of new editions to my collection, this material is getting harder to aquire! I was working in Cornwall last week and visited a toy shop near my digs where I was fortunate enough to purchase a pair of these, It wasn't a Toymaster as such but must have been affiliated to them. It is 1200 long by 450 high, if my memeory serves me well. Same image on both sides. A 2020 Tomy Trade Catalogue. The recent ones seem to be difficult to get a hold of these days I know, not Britains, but I liked it. It is huge though. I think each panel is 1500 x 650 ish 🤔 The other side does have a Tomy item on one panel but another manufacturers item on the other. Possibly another Toymaster item, albeit not marked
  5. It is nice to see someone received a random gold Major. A few traders seem to be better than the majority, mine were opened, to check for damage apparently. There is no A on the Blue boxed ones either, presumably why traders are opening the boxes. I think Britains should have kept quiet about inserting random coloured ones, I don't doubt it would have got out eventually but everyone has the same chance then.
  6. What is the idea behind this, for use behind a lower powered tractor? Will be interesting to see the brochure.
  7. I think they missed an opportunity here, seeing as they are made from diecast and not lead, a rear hitch could have been incorporated as per the E1A's. Get mine soon hopefully. Plenty for sale on a certain auction site.
  8. Would love to find one of these, I don't think they were made by Britains but maybe for them. Is this one from the US, complete with a trade catalogue, I forget which year but possibly 1972/3. I thought I'd saved a picture of that page but cannot find it now!
  9. There are two versions of this, the other version is much more common methinks. Only seen two like this, and I have the other one! Where did you come across the McDonalds advert? How big is it?
  10. There is also a Farm Range A4 catalogue for 1988 An interesting note clipped to the 1989 pocket catalogue, never seen one of those before. I should imagine it was sent direct on request, as I have some 50's trade catalogues with similar notes stuck to front cover stating that sent on request and purchases should be made through retail outlets. Nice to see someone else collecting the small supplements found within collectors gazette/diecast collector.
  11. FW 60 Automatic, I bought one of those from Nigel but didn't know it came with a certificate. That's a fair few Transits. Quite a few promo/early release versions I've not seen before, thanks for sharing
  12. Lovely jubbly John, get well soon. Nice Duck and egg boxed E27N, that packaging has eluded me along with the flat box also shown! Presumably the NP Super Major Industrial is on plastic Fordson rear rims? I suspect there may be some out there on metal versions as the blue NP Super Major also came on metal and plastic Fordson rims as well as Ford style rims. The Major plastic wheel rims survive a lot better with the rubber tyres than later Britains tractors. Lots of variations with Fordson Majors E27n and E1A, although more of the later. I have a Ford Force 5000 in a 5000 Super Major box with a Ford Force sticker on it. It gets even better, I've never seen a trade pack of riders/drivers and you have both, Are the early ones all grey or a mixture of blue and grey?
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