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  1. Lovely model. Here's a fully restored example of a VF bulldozer on Crawfords stand at the Millennium Show at Newark.
  2. According to the late John Deere historian Don McMillan's book "John Deere Tractors World Wide" GMW produced 250 of the 35 from 1952, and 220 of the 25 from 1955. The vast majority were sold in Sweden and a few were exported to Finland and Brazil.
  3. Very nice, nearly bought one of those from Ken Davies a number of years ago. GMW were a Swedish company that produced a couple of tractors in the mid fifties to mid sixties the GMW 25 and 35 based on the John Deere Model A and Model B.
  4. Fantastic! That looks very nice indeed. Great work.
  5. Great attention to detail, fantastic work really well described and explained.
  6. Absolutely love that Lely spreader. Saw them on Facebook and thought they looked exceptionally good models.
  7. Lovely work Peter, looks great on the Fiat. 🙂
  8. Fantastic silage scene mate, really well photographed too. 🙂
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