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  1. You're very welcome John, i'll have a look for it later on today.
  2. You're very welcome John, thanks ever so much, anytime, pleased I could help. I do have a photo copy of an original sales brochure on these somewhere which I will endeavour to dig out and scan up to hear for you as well.
  3. ......and more yoked to their big Case IH Steiger 9370.
  4. That's great to hear John. Video clip of the old girl in action, good job my friends don't have any neighbours........it makes quite a noise! 😃........I'll post the rest of the photos I have of it shortly for your reference. P1430642.MP4
  5. A Newbern Power Frame! Great to see you building one of these John, that looks ace. Wrote about this one for the 200th issue of Classic Tractor Magazine. It's still being used by a good friend of mine.
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