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  1. This is the only kit I am aware of for a KOBA low loader. I highly recommend it https://www.das-werk-models.com/products/sonderanhänger-115/
  2. Put it on Ebay, not in any reject bin. And put my name down for a 2100 (if it isn't there already)
  3. Martin Leftley does a cracking version of this machine in 1/32
  4. Nice one. That's a model which has eluded me so far. One of these years.
  5. Oh Deere Let's hope the good guys can come up with something to match this piece of genius from the Evil Empire Could Milltown's move to Sustainable Ag mean going over to the dark side for our prime movers?
  6. The Load Monitor was a new feature on the 7000 (lower link sensing) and all tractors would have had that decal. Dual Power was an option, although most 7000s had it. If you have the Dual Power sticker you will need the Dual Power lever on the side of the dash next to the indicator switch.
  7. New Holland have invested in Monarch Tractor. If we had a couple of these at Milltown House we could all head down the pub. Who will make me one of these in 1:32? https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2021/03/02/2185602/0/en/CNH-Industrial-completes-minority-investment-in-Monarch-Tractor.html https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCXTMxlbskEgOw0V75RRGTg
  8. I'm very sorry I never got a 6X 1004 and a 6Y 1124 from Dave when he was making them. Thankfully I managed to get an 1164 from Udi, King of the Weirdoes, the year I went to Toytrac. I picked up a damaged Replicagri Fritz frame and lid from Pieter Dijkstra recently and am hoping to plant it on one of my Countys at some stage.
  9. Same here. The decals on the control panel beats all Would love one of these dryers
  10. The doors on FIECO cabs tended to be left off as much as possible to let the noise out
  11. I'm guessing that's a Purdue 1124, but where did the Fritz cab come from? Schuco? Loving all the blue, as usual.
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