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  1. As Above, Brilliant photos, great models and excellent background.
  2. Brilliant! Must be really satisfying to see it all come together, from initial drawings, cad drawings, then the file to create the printed parts, and all the work coming to fruition with the laser cut parts. Very impressive James.
  3. Excellent Sam, as Martin says - some detail in there!! Keep them coming!
  4. As above, great pictures, and great back story Keep them coming!
  5. That is excellent, and nice to see something more unusual. Top job!
  6. Very nice indeed Martin, something unique in model form I would think? (certainly in 1:32 anyway) What will it be - A62/64/66?
  7. Brilliant, and the attention to detail is something else!
  8. Very impressive work as always. Excellent detail, not to mention some great working features.
  9. Yes, totally agree, would much rather have a look around this type of old style set up - for as impressive as some of huge new set ups are - they totally lack any character, most look like glorified warehouses (talking about the real ones, not the diorama's) Obviously given the way farming is going/economies of scale etc, the days of the old stuff is disappearing fast, (and like you say - a lot of these old buildings are now becoming expensive homes - mates farm in Oxfordshire had a similar set up to yours - now exclusive apartments) So again seeing a diorama like this, with such at
  10. Wow!! Stunning work Sean feels like you could walk into it, and have a look around around.
  11. Lovely little model Sam, and as already stated, great to see the correct rear cab glass/mudguards. Nice one.
  12. Hi Kirely, having had a check with a mates old weeks trailer, which admittedly was pretty faded (but after rooting around some of the less exposed parts and a bit of scratching and T cut) the best match l could get was Halfords Ford Olympic blue. This is what I used on my first weeks trailer, and it seemed a reasonable match. I eventually used it on the later 10 ton weeks (although it was still unpainted when I posted the pictures) Hope this helps. Cheers John.
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