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Well when on the way home yesterday evening I was passing through Dunecht just before 7pm and spotted a couple of NH combines working in the same field so I had to go and have a nosey ;) ;)

First up an NH TX 68 - M registration







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Oh dear the MH TX 66 is sticking going uphill and has to turn


Now having to cut a bit downhill


Now turning uphill again


Now on course back up hill again



Now the two in action and you will see the stick marks  ;D ;D


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Bill you have just become Marts adopted father :) It's always that bit more exciting seeing more than one machine in field. Your spoilt for choosing a photo setting. Got some nice ones in there mind. Nice find.

As for that Massey, what a minter!! She looks as happy as ever rattling away there 8)

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Well I suppose I could kinda look after young Martin given he will be coming to college shortly which is only a few miles away from where I work Tris ;D ;D

I have to admit that little MF did look good and well cared for... the farmer did have taste though ... you will see he had a IH 574 or IH 674 type of tractor on the grain cart ;) ;)

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Marky knows of them...

Indeedy... what a lovely condition machine as well Bill... I have never seen on with a cab before... in the flesh or even in pictures - a very lucky find there mate... thanks for posting....

The 506 was sold in the UK from about 74-75 - I believe it originates from Germany initially.. but was then built in France at Marquette Lille - could be wrong...

Here is the original brochure of the day... well.. one of them.. I have 3 if you want to see them all...



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Looking back at the photos' the cab could have been a "smiddy" made ( blacksmith's) one perhaps ??? ???

Actually I think I may have a trip back that way later today since it is a local holiday here and I'm finishing at 2 pm today and see if I can get some close ups of her.

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Well more food for thought Mark on the cab... if not today I will make a visit to the farm in the future and see if I can find out more... anyway I want to get a closer look of that rather nice looking International tractor which was on the grain cart too ;D ;D

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Glad you enjoyed Texas. Not many people seem to have seen one of those smaller MF's I certainly can't remember them but around that era ( 1977 ) I was more interested in cars and my dream at that time was a red RS 2000 Ford Escort ;D ;D I never did get one of those I hasten to add ended up being a Ford but a Fiesta 950 cc.

The NH had been struggling quite a bit on the hill from the tracks but I didn't stay longer since it was starting to dull down and was getting colder so I was eager to get home.

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