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Wee oil leak JD 3050 Need helps


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Hi Guys

THE 3050 John deere are lower link sensing, at this point where the rear arms pivot my girl has developed and oil leak.

Now she has done it before, and seals changed no problem, Then she done it again, so we got seals that were supposed to cure it and account for wear in the shaft, these were installed maybe only a year ago, now she's at it again,

I wonder, dad has a habit of driving home with sprayer and leaving it at normal travel height. then overnight the arms drop down until sprayer is on floor

Is this causing the problem??

Or is it more **** ricky needs to spend a fortune on a tractor that does maybe 300 hours a year??

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I doubt it would be causing the problem... and I'm no expert on JD internals Ricky... but if you've got the link arms raised then you have pressue in the system (equal to the weight of the sprayer I guess)... not good practice to leave it up really...

The creep is the same on any tractor really - it gets worse when they are more worn in... it's just the pressurised oil running through the wear in the pump/valves mate - nowt to worry about...

I'd try it without the arms up for a while and see what happens overnight  :-\

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