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a few sightings in holderness


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are they guy nettletons new hollands?? looked dry there, ive been at driffield today and the lands soden, too wet to travel really but needs must :o

the NH where working at holmpton think there called smith. took pictures days ago, i,ve not worked today cause of the rain back on tomorrow ;D
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there was 3 togeather but this was the best of the lot other two where very much remains, shame :(

You still seem to see quite a few under hedgerows out in Lincolnshire, I've always had a bit of a fascination with tracked machines which no doubt comes from me being surrounded by them as a young child, the first one I drove was an old IH BTD6 at the age of 6!  :)

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here's the pictures of the other two. there was bits all over the floor. two had rear arms but one had drawbar and front blade.

we also have a specialist up the road from us who's yard is filled with track marshalls in various states.



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