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toytrac oct 19th


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Hoping to go as I have not been to any other model events much this past year as there has not been much on and have been saving up.

I am told that anyone wanting a table will have no trouble as the bookings to date have been very poor.

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i would really love to go but i cant this year as my mum wont take me but next year i am thinking of going to toytrac in stead of spalding in april because it close and i will have more money

cant really help you out cerin either mate, will be away from plymouth arround 6ish to pick old ford up, and the car will be pretty stuffed with the layout and stuff i need to take, not sure if you could get a train that early to plymouth ????? would mean a very early start for you, we prob wont be back till 7ish in plymouth at the earliest

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Not at the mo, no ::). Its very kind of Sue though, £60 train fair will eat into my spending money, and im a wimp and dont fancy going on a train on my own. I would in a car because there arnt so many people and i trust people on here ;):)

Mate, if I was within an hour of you I'd detour and pick you up but sadly it's the opposite way from me... :-\ Keep asking, sure someone will come up trumps....

I'm planning on getting there, see how things go with the house..... fingers crossed.... doubt I'll have any spending money though  :'(

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