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BurrenBane Farm


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Hi Everyone

I started to make a model farm during the July holidays for a show i was doing.

Luckily enough i took some photos at each stage and though id post them up.


Stage 1, trying to plan out where i was gonna put sheds etc






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Stage 3 - Adding a bit more detail.

I've now sprayed the road with BMW black paint over the concrete which gives it a great texture, added a new field with some Guagemaster grass mat. I used hanging basket liner out of B & Q for the hedge (was on offer at the time) and finally my lovely girlfriend made the stone walls from the silo to the hedge along the road.





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Stage 4 - Extending the yard.

Due to the purchase of a new cattle shed, i though it best to extend the yard area, hence a new 2ft X 4ft sheet of chipboard from b&q (£3.98) again with the concrete effect, a bit rougher than the last boards, a bit of hedging and bobs your uncle  :D




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Stage 5 - Yard Entrance

Back again  :D

I was undecided what to do for the yard entrance, wanted to make a bit of a statement, but wasn't too sure how to go about it, shame i can't take the credit for this idea (was my girlfriends) make a Granite stone wall, as granite is very popular here in Co. Down.

So luckily enough i live on the side of the Mourne Mountains and there is a huge granite quary there, so i walked up managed to get a bag of small granite stones and came home. Hardest part was trying to find something that would actually stick the granite, Oraldite seemed to work the best. A week later and hey presto, my lovely girlfriend came up with this entrance into the yard! Im quite impressed, but never tell her that  :D  :D

Sorry i don't seem to have any close up pics of the wall, if i find them i will post some up, painted the gates silver too!



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WOW mate you are lucky to have the space.... mine is confined to the garage....

dont have the space, managed to get "planning permission" for the use of that room up until the show, which was last saturday  :D

Its all broken down and stored in my model room, unfortunately its not big enough to put the layout up, but i still plan to do a LOT more to it for the next show which we are trying to plan.

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very nice mate, one thing, how do you get it out of the room :D :D

good question, i though about that before making the layout, (not like me to think about things  :D  )

Its built on 2ft X 4ft boards which slide together, easier to transport to shows etc  :)

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No worries mate, who made the buildings?

A guy called Paul Savage makes the sheds and silo's

I met him at one of the shows and was well impressed with his attention to detail and effort he puts in each shed.

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