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Rick is a big contributer to it.... They had a Model Farmer article or two off us as well..... Nice trailers and previews but the content never really appealed to me as it's based around the US collecting style which is not really much interest to me...

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Not paid up but I pop in now and again if I can. If FTF is down I will have a posting flurry and update topics on there, infact I ought to soon really.

Like others have said, very little 1/32 stuff but now and then to be fair something interesting does pop up and I am glad I'm a member.  :)

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Im glad you found Toy Tractor Times, it has been active over 20 years when you consider the hard copy magazines long before computers.....Let me also clairify there are two TTTs,  One is actually the forum which is free to use just like FTF.  Im a mod. there and it not an issue of good or bad compared to FTF it is more of a difference.  It is North American but there are many guys from Germany and other Euro countries using the forum...

I also write for the Ezine which comes out monthly and has some interview videos each month to watch........It cost about 75pence a month so it is very cheap.........

To go there one has to "think outside the box", one has to be almost global....Im pleased to say most of the guys who go there are farmers even the guys from the UK who visit, work on farms......

I would encourage you to continue looking at it just to help you understand global collecting, take what you want from it and leave the rest............

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