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MF 3680

paul kelly

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A picture would be good. If this is Britains model number 9501 I think model ran from 1991 to 2001 or it might have been 2003 and some had white cabs and some had silver cabs. I have models of this partuicular one in both BANDED RAINBOW boxes and an AUTHENTIC FARM MODLES BOX. I have a white cabbed one and is in a BANDED RAINBOW box.

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MF 3680 first released in this form, white wheels, white grille surround and white fully glazed cab in a banded box in 1991 to 1995. There was another version of this white one with twin rear wheels produced in the same years but the lift lever was in the centre, the single wheeled one had the lever on the left-hand side.

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no the real ones wern't available in white  ;)

but britains went through a bad stage of casting wheels & cabs etc. in white , the 362 also had white fittings, even the deutz 6.50 & 4.71 was released with white wheels instead of silver/grey, i think a few MF6180's were as well :(

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Must admit that I've got a 2680 in my collection but I've never bothered with the 3680, as altough they got the bonnet about right, the cab, of course, isn't anything like that on the real 3680. Anyone else feel this way about collecting - that models that don;t represent the real thing arenlt worth having?

Just my 2p worth!


  I think most of the members here feel the same way about models mate unless you're a proper collector like lord ferguson , who would & quite rightly collect any MF model produced by any brand ie; britains, ertl etc..

But some of us want a well represented model & britains created a howler with the 3680, matter of fact there's very little right about it , the floorpan & cab is the obvious to start with but the bonnet isn't really correct either.

The bonnet & grill is more suited to the smaller 36series tractors , the 3670 /80 /90 tractors had more of a square grill than rectangular, but like many a quick & simple cab change will transform these tractors to a reasonable representation of the tractor you want .

I never wanted the ertl 3000 series tractors as i think the cab looks wrong & the wheels too big , but BOR has built some cracking models from them .

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have a look at these topics martinr

these are BOR's 3000 series tractors with the ertl cabs .it gives you a pretty good idea as to how it all fits together  the mix n match can work really well



you don't need to replace the whole cab on the county just the roof .

if you have a britains county then the ford SQ type roof can be removed & be replaced with a tw20/7710 roof

the cab structure itself has slight differences between the tw20/7710& 5610 cab & the tw25/35/8630/1884 cab but the roof is an interchangeable item

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