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Spalding OCtober 2008 - What were your highlights?


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Right guys, you have three (3) choices.

What have been your highlights from spalding on sunday?

This can include all that were not there as well and have seen some pics

Mine are:

1: Seeing the guy weathering the 6920s (when Ben gets the pics up)

2: A brilliant time meeting with more people from here, PDC, Mr C (Paul's dad) Marky, Ben, Andy, Barry, Steve, Jamie, Steve and Karen (sorry if I missed anyone)  :-[

3: Andy's sister's.......................................................... buns and cakes

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Well for me it has to be the cornflake cakes

then the muffins

then Andy sister...

Oh... hang on..... was I at a model show  :-[;D


1. Meeting and chatting with my FTF buddies... old and new... and even those with pubes on their face

2. Brochures - browsing the folders - Stuart Gibbard had some corkers as well

3. Air brush face... he was a nice guy and VERY talented to boot !

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No 1. Has to be the social part of the show... meeting fellow weirdos alike even though not as many present this time...(roll on Toytrac)  ;) Every second I spent with my great mate Stevie  :-*

No 2. Steve sold a Massey  :D Yippee..

No 3. The purchase of a Yellow County from Mr Purdue

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3. Air brush face... he was a nice guy and VERY talented to boot !

yeah he has to come on here, he was wetting himself at the short jokes....to the point me and Jez were gonna get tris on loudspeaker phone :D :D :D :D :D::)

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