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Yankie doodle Masseys


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What a wonderful pice of kit pops...

That machine is circa 1974.. it replaced the 1800 (released in 1971)..

The hitch on the back is an MF 8 rapid coupler... very popular in the states... never took off over here for some strange reason

           If you look closely Marky, it's not the same as the MF 8 ,very similar but not the same. Note the tubular top rail and the straight, not angled sides, probably an aftermarket hitch. And of course the 1500/1800 series tractors in the UK were delivered without a three-point linkage and fitted with a linkage in this country that was designed by Dowdswell.

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I think the later models were like that Allis... I'll see if I can dig out a pic tonight... I've only got the brochure on the early 1,000 series coupler in my collection  :-[

Rare to find one with linkage in the states too I reckon... I wonder who made the NA linkage - do you think that would have been Dowdswell as well perhaps ???

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