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Uncle Sam's Massey


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Well she is a beaut what more can I say....she is a 1972 1100 stored inside most of her life.  She recently came onto the market asking price 3,000 pounds.......she is from Lake Crystal Minnosota so good chance she was used in the Soy Bean fields........





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I'm sure by morning Rick there will be a brochure on here about it ;D ;D

Phew.... just in the nick of time...

Now then... Western version...


First release brochure..


UK version... only 53 made it here evidently !


Rowcrop version..


Now then pops... I want it want it want it.. I wonder what it would cost to have that shipped over here... anyone got any idea how to go about it ???

Oh.. and I have two cab brochures also...  :P :P


and the comfort...


I'll mail you a list of American tractors NOT to post up pops (that I don't have brochure for)  ;):D :D

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Lots depend on part of the country when it comes to hitch or drawbar...out here in the far west when you have something in the 250 to 300 horse power range more often then not one would only see a drawbar.  That is because our farms here are often much larger in size.  In Alberta my family farm is 5000 acres there is one Deere 7000 series with a hitch, but the Steigers all are draw bar....Now what Ive seen if there is a draw bar is it often homemade in the shop........

who knows what Ol is talking about........ :D :D :D :D :D

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