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Painting a JD . by the funny northerner at spalding



well, here they are, the pics of the painted JD....why he didnt use a cheap Siku model me and Jez dont know, he chose the RC version!! :D :D ::)

This was done by the guy who was in the Model Tractor mag, Daniel Higgins of Oranda Design. He will also be appearing at the Lakeland Model show, 2nd November, with a workshop for anyone to try this!!!



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I do really like this, i wish i could send my models to him and he did them for me   :-\ :( If i was him i'd buy models, spray them up and sell them on,

But thanks Ben, really nice pictures  :)

Ah ha mate, you have just mentioned my master plan. With a bit of practice I am going to take up this task and do it for members who need it doing.

With a bit of help from my old mate Marky  ;) ;)

As for what he did:

1: Road dust etc..... underneath the machine, around the cab and wheels etc.

2: The some covering over the whole machine to tak the shine off everywhere.

3: Then some details of mud and more dirt where it gets, mud guards, underneath etc

4: He then dusted where the exhaust went and some soot on the cab.

5: Then he rusted up the hitch etc and around the grill.

6: Some dirt and dust on the front grill.

7: Tyres then had dome mud and old sort of styling put on them.


Then he was going to cut the masking tape into the shape of the wipers so the bits were dirty that don't get wiped were there.

All in all, a great guy who was entertainig to see.

I am tempted to nip up to the Lakeland model show.

Like I said, Thanks to my new mate Marky I will be getting into this more in Germany and when I am confident I will offer my services.

Thanks Ben for posting these up.

It was my show highlight.... other than my new colleagues I met.  :D :D

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