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Massey Ferguson seat cheep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Stop teasing me with all these pics pops... or I will come and live in America... and knowing your luck you will open the window in one of your many homes to find I'm your new next door neighbour  >:(:D :D

Ummm.... I can just see my small, perfectly formed bottom on that seat as well... my fave MF series these...



or the whopping 1155  :-*

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Here's another big old thing  ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) However, please notice the drawbar on the front as this one is unable to move under its own power  :D :D :D :D The gearbox is out and away for repairs at the moment ::) ::)::) ::)::)


And then a smaller one for comparison


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Well time to own up here me thinks  :-[

Come on Shrek you can tell all  :-[

I used to drive a 1155 or something very similar on next doors farm in Udimore over yhe fields and up and down the tracks in my early teens....

And well I thought at the time that well ....I loved it.. well I was young and wasn't aloud on the 5000 & 6600  >:(:-[

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