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opening doors

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i wouldn't of thought it actually opens or closes, by the looks of it someones had a fine drimmel blade to the oor & t's glued like that permanent

It looks fixed to me too, I think it could be done though, but with a high risk of knackering the cab if you weren't carefull.

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i didn't say the renaults were rubish ,they just didn't appeal to me ! as for not replaceing them with more fendts I really don't know but  i would expect the renault rep gave him a good deal,& like most people you can't always turn a good deal down

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Guest Fendt pwr

The only farm here that i've ever seen  with a renault tractor had a new case cvx behind his grubber last time i went past.So now I can say that I don't know of anyone for miles around here how still runs renault tractors.

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