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Toytac... 19th October - Marky's FTF show report

Lord Ferguson

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Here we are then Boy and Girls...

Now then... as Toytrac had some STUNNING layouts on display I'm going to post a seperate topic for some close up pics... just the odd 'overview' in this one

So... get on with it Marky I here you all cry  >:(:D :D :-[

first up... the whole room... at 8.30am.. doors not open at this time... thanks Steve and Karen for letting me in early to snap up some pics...



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Sorry... I've got in a bit of mess with my pics this year... I THINK that's all of the traders stands  :-[ - Mods please delete any duplicates when you go through them - or let me know and I will...

I'm going to file seperate topics for the layouts I think... I need to if I am going to do them any justice I think... watch this space...

Thanks in advance to ALL that thank me for posting the pics.. as always... it's my pleasure.. and somehow... my job now I think  ;):D :D ;) ;)

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