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70's/ 80's trailed sprayer



guys, got a load of spare bits and bobs laying round the shed from the britains chaffer sprayer, want to make a new trailed one for the layout, but aint to sure what makes were arround then for trailed versions, we only had a mounted one with front tank added, anyone got any ideas and pics if possible i can use

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have heard of allman doing mounted ones but traileds no idea?? not an area i am sure about to be honest,

No, I can't think I've ever seen a trailed Allman, we have a tiny mounted one.... Our neighbours - Cold Comfort Farm / The Larkins  ;) have recently acquired a 70's trailed sprayer.... I'll see if I can get some pics & info....

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Early Hardi Sean - marketed as Evers and Wall over your way ;)

We can certainly do without childish comments like that >:( >:(

Yeah, we sort of ignored that one!!

That was it, Evers and Wall... I remember now..... Good call Colm!

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I'm afraid I don't have one Sean :( They are the same though as Hardi's if you can find any of those.

I know I have some brochures for Lely trailed sprayers too in the collection Sean but I have never seen any for sale in magazines or on the web

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I have just looked at my index of brochures here and I'm sure that I have some trailed Allman brochures too - so I can confirm that Gav is correct ;D ;D

Were Moteska and HD involved in trailed sprayers as well ???

I know I'm correct as my late Father sold them during the 80's  :);)

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