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Toytrac... the layouts topic TWO... Graham & Sharons layout

Lord Ferguson

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No more of my waffle.. feast your eyes on this lot ladies and gents....

Graham & Sharon's superb layout...

I'm sure I've missed lots of bits and sorry if I did Graham.... if you've got any of your own photo's to fill the gaps then please please add them in here when you get 5 minutes





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and finally... Graham & Sharons tables too...



All I can say is... I know what you are all sitting there thinking... I don't know how you do it Graham... but I'm just very blooming pleased you do  ;D - a huge gold-plated thank you for the time the two of you have spent bringing such pleasure to us all  :-*

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The detail of this layout is nothing short of pure guineas and brilliance worth going to see on its own  ;) ;) :) how the hell you fit it all in with a full time job as well is beyond me but its a joy to see and was great to meet you and Sharon Saturday night here's to next year ;D ;D ;D ;D

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Absoulutly magical graham it is a real credit to your skills, but there is one problem .................. you have to beat it for next year and i might just be there to see it  :D :D

Now Mr Ferguson topic number three please im starting to rock back and fourth in my set  :D :D

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that has to be the best layout i have ever seen a true master and this is one jealous guy. grahams talents are top class

Yep that just about says it all  ;)

Apart from ......

Graham and Sharon are also two of the nicest people on this planet and I feel honoured to call them my friends ;)

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