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Handy little tools topic... post them here...

Lord Ferguson


I found this really 'natty' little tool a while ago which I thought I'd share with you model builders... it's actually a cutter for the plastic trim you put around tiles (the edge strip) ....

So... if you've got a natty tool you want to share with us all please post away....

Oh... by the way... this is made by plasplugs and it DOES cut plastrut.. I've tried it ... takes a stanley blade by the way  ;)



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Here is a birthday present I got back in April which has and will continue to be of great help. Snips with a protractor attached. Excellent for plastic and some woods you can repeat or make opposite joints fit, cut angles for anything basically. You can take the protractor part off and replace it with a box/right angle profile for straight cutting anything else, or other atachments for cutting tubes as well or just a straight bottom piece for cutting bits and pieces.

Around the £20 mark in good hobby or model shops.



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Also, this plastic scriber. You can use it for scoring and ultimately snapping plastic or thin ply (go with the grain not across it!!!) or just score once or twice to leave a groove. Made by Tamiya and retails for a fiver.


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