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JCB Farm Trailer.


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This model does'nt seem to have been discussed up to now. I don't know how many of you have purchased this item for your collection but I picked up an example at Toytrac and thought that I would do a little report on it.

This trailer in 1:16 is a model of the very first JCB product and was made in 1945 mainly from war surplus materials and the first one made of wood rather than steel side boards. The real restored trailer is in the reception area of JCB's headquarters in Staffs. 

The model is mostly plastic in construction and is very detailed with a red chassis and wheels, black smooth 3 section floor with inner protruding mudguards/wheel arches and the sideboards, which are a buff colour are wood textured. These boards, one each side infront the wheels, longer ones behind the wheels, fold down and have side latches/hooks to keep them in place and the tailboard has chains and pins. The front board and over the wheels are green with the front board being almost double the hight of the other sides.

The body of the trailer does tip up but only manually. The double 'screw' tipping mechanism is realistic in being 'threaded' but being plastic is very delicate, especially the second stage screw. The screw bar mechanism is represented but does not actually turn, just the screw 'box' in the centre pivots. There is a seperate tipping handle but this does nothing other than slot on the end of the tipping bar for authenticity. The screw jack on the front of the drawbar frame is well represented and does actually operate. The drawbar 'eye' is mounted to the drawbar in a wide clevis and swings from side to side.

A very niceley constructed and detailed model but very delicate. A must have model for the period farm collector. Price from different sources vary from £25 to £44.99.

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