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Sale Pics 25th Oct


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Went to have a look at this sale this morning, mainly to have a look at this lovely old TW25. Very original looking, cab interior in good shape, still had the blue striped seat and 80's Ford radio :o Linkage appeared good too, still had the little warning labels present.




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Now for the other tractors. There was also a Valtra t151? and a mF 6495, 05 & 07

I think this Deere may have originally come from Holland going by the 2wd front fenders and the mark on the front looks like there was a 16km speed sticker  :-\ ??





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I'll try and find out some of the prices :)

so how long did it take you to drive the TW home then mark  :D

only a 10 minute Drive Marcus ;):D £750 bargain eh :D

great pics Mark where was that sale then

On the road between Winnards Perch and Padstow Cerin ;)

Very nice pics of some great kit. The TW doors look to be rusting and the 685 bonnet is older than the rest of tractor. The 2850 does look like it's of Dutch origin.

Show me an untouched super Q without a hint of rust :D Yeah there are a few blemishes, but what do you expect on a 20 yr old machine that has worked for a living. Hour meter showing just over 6000 hrs though, going by the general tidyness I wouldn't be surprised if its genuine.

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