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help needed with cubicals

intey 434


hey guys, my mate asked me to make him about 200 back- to -back cubicals but getting material isnt easy. i tried a local stainless steel engineer but all he could give me was 'tig' welding rods....then i found out the price.... :-[:-[ sixty quid per pack and i need two packs. can anyone help in material ideas ???

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Use mild steel TIG rods and spray galvanise them once made.

These are much cheaper than stainless. surely you would get at least 2 cubicles from a TIG rod normally they are 2ft long ??? ???

ay a think that would be the best idea. i can get three cubicals out of one rod so i need about seventy rods...

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What about galv wire.... not sure what it's true use is, straining wire for fencing, wiring fruit trees... ??? I've no idea, anyway, I've got a roll of it in my shed somewhere, probably only 20 quid a roll and you get 100 metres or something on a coil. If you make a little jig out of dowel rods fixed to a sturdy ply back panel I guess it would be pretty easy to bend it round the pegs and give it a squeeze with some pliers to get it to hold it's shape.... ???

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