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road to recovery


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tonight mathew i'm going to be .............


well not quite  :-\

last week i had a bearing failure on my trailer , after about 8hrs of faffing about by the the garage team sent to me the wole thing was low loadered back to their depot, after a quote of mega £'s & at least 7 weeks down time to get a new axle , MVF & our local fitters it was decided to go fetch my trailer & get it back to them . so first thing to day i turned low loader driver .

pic 1

made a change not to see a bulk trailer in the mirrors  :)

pic 2

my stricken trailer BT07  :(

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round oak services followed me up in their ex-MVF FM12 the idea was to hitch it to my bulker & load it all , that way we didn't have to mess about dropping trailers

pic 3

view of the flight deck :D

pic 4 hardly a jump jet but it'a all there.

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an hour later back at round oak's yard  ready to unload

after dropping the recovery trailer i was given MVF Lifton's trailer which is also shot to keep going with my deliveries , the ex-DALGETY / ABN trailer needs a replacement donkey engine  but it's got to last me till mine's done  :-[

pic 5

at round oak in the lane

pic 6

back to the mundane ,MVF LIFTON's trailer  ::)

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those older units were inherited from ABN /PYE-BIBBY when MVF bought them out , because of the buy-out , there was a little unrest about just changing the name to mole vally farmers so southern valley name was used all the trucks were re-sprayed green & left unmarked , the new MVF logo is stilllike mine but on green paintwork , mine & the other 2 are only white because the units are leased.

X776KOX had her diff let go & also in dire need of an engine rebuild ,so rather than repair it she was sold to round oak services who had a diff & rebuilt the engine  so effectively she's in pretty good condition now but she's still no looker  ;)

the unit that pulls this green trailer sean is the same as mine  so no need to blame me on the moors slowing you down  :D

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That made a nice change for you Marcus :) :)

How many curbs did you clip :D :D and mores the point at 16.2 do we need to call you the tree surgeon :D :D :D

did make a nice change paul, although not being as goodlooking as yer goodly self i at least looked the part  :D

no curbs clipped, no branches caught , & all went well , matter of fact  i wanted to keep the trailer for the rest of the day & go hunting for mini diggers  :D

but as you'd quite rightly point out it's a flatdeck recovery trailer not as said a low-loader, but it did make a nice change & a break from the norm , having said that i did have a sneeky peek at plantspeed at bristol to see if there were any vacancies  ;)

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Nice photos Marcus.

thanks bill getting the hang of the camera now  :D

Ever tryed cartting livestock Marcus? They are the best payed country truck drivers here.

not really Ol, helped haul sheep years back but not something thats really interested me mate , as well as drivers rules & regs , we also have animal welfare transport rules to adhere to which just means more aggro, that & it's bad enough getting yer boots covered in crap as it is , really dont need to have it all up me overalls as well  :D :D

best paid ? over here it's just another load to go , petrol/oil tankers, abnormal loads & car transporters earn the good money here

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